5 ideas for a Mothers Day Gift

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5 Ideas for a Mothers Day Gift

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So with Mothers Day fast approaching for March 22nd. I thought id give a heads up to all those pondering what to do for their lovely mum.

Hmmm what do all us mums want as a mothers day gift, believe it or not its really not that hard…

But even here at chez Hudson we struggle with mothers day gifts. Ive been given gloves for my feet, there was little holes for my toes…. weird.  One year i received breakfast in bed which was cherry scones (which i dont like) with maramlade. Mr B actually made the trip to the garage to purchase these said items, and when i didn’t eat the scone he wolfed it down…. so was it for me hmmm.

So here we go 5 ideas for a mothers day gift, you can thank me later.

Mothers Day Gift ideas, Mel Hudson Family pHotographer

mothers day gift ideas Belfast

Gift of Time

So let me let you into a secret.  We want peace and quiet.  Now i know thats not staggering, but seriously please do not underestimate the gift of time as a mothers day gift idea. as mums, grandma’s, aunties, wives we just long for some time. time to maybe read the new Good Housekeeping magazine.  Or time to dander up and down the isles of Tescos spending money on rubbish we dont want or need.  Or an hour to just sit during the daylight and watch the telly. Not having to sit up to crazy hours just so we can have time to ourselves.  The gift of time is precious and so much more appreciated that socks with a separate space for your toes…. i mean come on !!

Gift of Friends

family birthday portrait session Larne, family portrait photography BelfastOur friends keep us sane.  They empathise with us, and dont try and fix the problem. Friends listen and make us laugh and relax.  You wondering what on earth you can give your wife this year for Mothers Day, organise an afternoon for her to catch up with her friends for a coffee.  Maybe you are a couple that likes to double date, then organise a takeaway for the house and have your friends come over. Preferably after she’s availed of her gift of time and had the afternoon chillin her beans.

Gift of Love

Oooh this is a lovely one, this one will let her know how much you know her.  Ive yet to meet a woman who has been devastated she didn’t receive the Gucci handbag at £2k for mothers day.  Maybe i dont mingle in those circles, but genuinely there are so many little gifts of love you can bestow on your mum or wife.  Just spend a few minutes and think if she had an hour what would she like to do?  I love to read, so a Gift voucher for Waterstones, bang home run.  My friend loves candles of all sorts, bath bombs & candles, with a bottle of wine, bang home run.  It really doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does have to show them you know them, and appreciate them.

Gift of Family

Outdoor family photographer in Northern Ireland, Mel HudsonNow i know i said peace and quiet is the winner. Seriously it really is. EVERY SINGLE TIME. But its always lovely when Mr B organises a family day for us.  It normally consists of getting the train upto Castlerock, walking along the beach. Then chips for tea and the train home.  We love those types of day, minimal interaction with other people, lots of fresh air for the kids to run and run.  Not having to cook is always a bargain.  So think about the last time you all had a great day as a family. What did that consist of?  Can you recreate part of it?

Gift of an Experience

mini family photography package price list Northern Ireland

I am a huge fan of the experience as a gift.  We practice this with the kids at Christmas and its always a great idea.  So what experience can you provide for your mum on mothers day?  Well the obvious one is an afternoon photo shoot with me!! I mean seriously the ones Ive done for families that have booked for Mothers Day have been amazing. They are so appreciated because you are giving them the gift of memories, which are priceless.  I guarantee every mum / wife would really appreciate a beautiful family photo of her tribe.  The tribe that she looks after day & night.

If that doesn’t float your boat then ive listed below some other experience that may work –

Gift Voucher for – hair salon – nail bar – beautician – favourite restaurant – cinema – theatre – coffee house the list can go on and on. Spend 3 minutes thinking what does she love to do, then find something small that is linked to that.

If all else fails then grab the kids and disappear for 4 hours and let her lie on the sofa enjoying all the wine & treats you bought for her afternoon.  But make sure the kids come back fed !!

Click here if you are interested in purchasing a mini family session mothers day gift voucher, good luck and seriously steer away from the socks with toe holes…

M xx

mothers day gift ideas Northern Ireland


  1. Anna Allan

    I’d LOVE to get a photoshoot as a Mother’s Day gift – I’ll drop some big hints to my husband and kids.

    • Mel Hudson

      i know im the exact same, i suffer from photographers children syndrome hehehe xx


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