5 things to consider when choosing a Newborn Baby Photographer – Co Antrim

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5 things to consider when choosing a

Newborn Baby Photographer – Co Antrim

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Even though im a Lifestyle Newborn Baby photographer, and I have 4 little humans of my own.  Im always surprised at how tiny your little humans are when I come to meet them.  They are so tiny and delicate and because they change so quickly its lovely to capture their perfect.ness in your arms.

so you know you want some pictures of your newborn baby but when you google Newborn Baby Photographer and loads come up it can be very overwhelming.  Ive been there and I know exactly how it feels, especially when you are trying to juggle life as well.  You just want the perfect photos to capture your family right now.

So ive pulled together 5 things to consider when choosing a Newborn Baby Photographer and I hope they help you.

This one is one of the most important to consider.  What style are you drawn to, there are so many different styles of newborn photography, and none is right or wrong.  So it is important to have a look at the styles you are drawn to and find a photographer that does it well. You could love the posed newborn style, lifestyle sessions, or even baby led posing.

During a posed newborn session, your little human is normally asleep is gently guided into skilled curled up poses, snuggly wrapped, and placed in little props. This type of session takes a high level of experience from the photographer and generally lasts 3 to 4 hours.  It is normally studio based and the end product will usually be a fine art framed photograph.

With lifestyle sessions, the primary focus is on the connections and love that family members share with their new little ones.

Lifestyle photography can take place in your home or at a studio that has a lifestyle environment.  Its very much more relaxed and the photographer will go with the needs of the baby.  If baby is awake then baby is awake, if baby is asleep then baby is asleep.  This is a beautiful session if you are considering having some breastfeeding images created during your newborn baby session.

Baby led posing is simply creating a relaxing environment for your newborn and allowing them to snuggle in various blanks, wraps, and positions that are natural to them and a representation of how your baby sleeps naturally. This type of baby photography tells a story of your little one. When looking back at your baby’s early years, you will say things like “remember when she always had to have her hands by her mouth.” This type of session will allow you to put images with those memories.

So this is where the style aspect comes in, are you interested in simple sessions concentrating on connections with you & your little one or are you drawn to the super styled posed sessions.  Once again there is no right or wrong, only you will know what you like.  But they are very different newborn baby sessions

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Choosing a newborn photographer can be overwhelming, because the safety of your newborn is by far the most important factor.

So if you are drawn to the more styled, posed session you must choose someone who knows how to handle, care for, and pose your baby safely. I am sure you have researched the best and safest car seat, prams and cots. Why wouldn’t you extend that same level of care when choosing someone who is going to handle your baby?  It will say on their website if they have received training & are certified to handle and it will be their professional career, not a hobby they do at the weekend.

Lifestyle photography will have baby in your arms for a majority of the session.  There would be no reason for the photographer to be handling your little one.

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When is the best time.  Well as always you will be led with the style of session you are drawn too.  If you are interested in the posed style sessions then you need to be considering booking your photographer while you are still pregnant.  Carrying out the session within the first 2 weeks would be ideal.  Baby is super bend & sleepy so easier to pose without causing distress.

If however you are drawn to the Lifestyle Newborn Baby sessions then what do you want to capture.  Is it the little.ness of your new human in your arms.  Or would it be better to wait a few weeks until they are more alert and making connections.  Once again I find its a great idea to do your research before baby arrives.

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Whats your budget and what are your expectations.  When I was looking for a baby photographer after Hudson boy one was born my main priority was the digitals.  I wanted to be able to print as many copies as I wanted.  It would have been an added bonus if someone could make up an album for me as well.  I suppose this is what drives my Lifestyle Newborn Baby sessions.  When I was looking for that it just wasn’t available unless I was willing to pay thousands of pounds for the High Resolution Digitals.  In the end I just received the album, no digitals, it was just too expensive.  I really dislike that aspect of photography. And this is where you will find many photographers will clash.

Ownership of your digitals, some believe it belongs to the photographer others the client

I have the view I was hired by you to capture images for you, therefore the digitals belong to you.  My Newborn Baby packages are, I believe, set at a reasonable price to allow everyone to have the opportunity to have beautiful professional photographs of their baby.


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My Lifestyle Newborn Baby Sessions include your High Resolution Digitals along with a beautiful soft cover album with your photos


This one is important.  Hire a newborn baby photographer whose photos you like.  Once again there is no right or wrong.  Each person has their own unique style and way of editing.  If you are drawn to dark & moody then don’t choose a photographer whose work won’t represent that.  My portfolio if I was to sum it up in one word would be ‘natural’ I use natural light, I use natural situations.  Im drawn to real life, its messy and unpredictable and just perfect.



If you are interested in looking at my portfolio CLICK HERE  any questions then please do give me a ring +447703389313

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