at home Cake Smash – Belfast, Co Antrim

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at home Cake Smash – Belfast, Co Antrim

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im an at home Cake Smash photographer and i love it!  I love it for so many millions of reasons but im going to give you my top 3.  so here we go…


at home cake smash Belfast Co Antrim


Reason No 1

we are at home having a Cake Smash.  seriously when you sit down and think of your happy place.  99% of the time its at home, on the sofa beside your favourite humans.  So why on earth do we fix what is not broken.  Our homes are a perfect location for a photoshoot because they are us.  Every little thing in my home reflects my family.  Yes the messy floors are an indication we played a board game rather than hoover.

My home is filled with so many memories for my babies and the minute they walk through the door they relax.  You ever noticed that ?

So it only goes to reason, if you are relaxed & chilled at home so will your little human.  And cake smash sessions can be stressful.  All of a sudden your little human is plonked on the floor and encouraged to make a mess.  Now how many times in the 6 months they’ve been eating solids have we encouraged that?

Indoor Family Photographer Belfast, at home Cake Smash

Reason No 2

its just a fantastic way to take messy play to a whole new level.  Early years resources have this to say about messy play..

Yes! Messy play is extremely important for a child’s development. It provides children with an exciting tactile and sensory experience that inspires their curiosity, allows them to explore the world around them and enhances their learning, language and creativity.

so not only are we creating inquisitive little minds we are encouraging problem solving.  my favouritest skill to be taught to my little humans.  Every day i say problem solve to my kids at least 5-6 times.  Todays problem solve for boy 2 was he was at the bus stop and forgot his pens for school.  He was told to problem solve. and problem solve he did.  He stopped at the local shop and bought some for 30p.  So all those moments in his development when he was messy playing was leading to this moment.  So lets kick off your babies problem solving skills with an at home Cake Smash session.

See even science is telling you to do it!


at home Cake Smash Belfast, set up


Reason No 3

I know you are thinking thank goodness we’ve made it to 1.  Thats the hard part over .. yeah us.  Im so so sorry to break it to you but from this point on any control you may have had over your little human slowly erodes from this point onwards.  As it should, we want our little humans to become independent fearless kind adults.  And they cant do that peeking out from behind us.  So if ever there was a milestone birthday to celebrate, this is the one.  Absolutely no question.  From this point on when you arrange for professional photos i can pretty much guarantee when you ask your little one to smile the answer will be nope.  There is a sweet spot between 4-5 & again 7-8 so take your victories when you can.

so what does this have to do with having an at home Cake Smash Mel , i hear you ask.  Nothing i suppose , but i just love it when i photograph a family at home, its a very special fun experience.


so theres my reasons for an at home Cake Smash session – its fun, science & its fun.  and p.s no matter the age i can get a smile… even grumpy daddy’s have been known to crack a smile during their family portrait sessions.

call me to book your session – 07703389313

M x

my at home Cake Smash sessions will include a choice of High Resolution Digitals from your fully edited gallery & a beautiful framed print from your session



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