at home family photoshoot with E & R, Belfast

At home family, Children, Family, Newborn

at home family photoshoot with E & R, Belfast

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life is busy… right? the minutes on the clock seem to click by so quickly

until the witching hour

we all know that hour… the hour before bedtime for your little humans. Its like they sense they are going to have to rest and they become energetic whirlwinds. Those minutes last for days !!!

but you know what ive come to realise, its all those everyday normals that make up our lives. The routines, the dinners at the table, dare I say it – homeworks. These are the moments we don’t capture with pictures, but are the ones that stay in our memories.

so when I got a call last Autumn, I know I’m slightly behind on my blogs, to come picture the everyday normal. Eeeek what fun !! E&R are thee best humans, I felt so comfortable in their beautiful home. Taking the pictures of their everyday normal Saturday afternoon was joyful.

at home family photoshoots are the BEST FUN !!!

when a client asks for an at home family photoshoot I get really excited. Being at home, in your castle, can more or less guarantee you are going to be comfortable. The key to any photograph, is to be comfortable. Your family’s story isn’t in a studio. Its at home on your sofa, at the table playing Labyrinth for the 60th time.

family photoshoots at home allow me to capture your everydays. Or as my gorgeous Mum says your yesterdays. Being together as a family. I can guarantee the kids are going to LOVE looking back at the home they grew up in. When we open the albums at Mums to show the little Hudsons mummys life growing up.

Maisie laughs at the tweed sofa and massive brown print wallpaper!

the boys can’t work out that I look their age. but really love that they kinda look like me. at home photoshoots, genuinely I can’t put into words how wonderful they can be. E&R’s family photoshoot was a gentle few hours, filled with giggles and chat.

have a look at some of the images from our at home family photoshoot

at home family photographer Mel Hudson Photography, Northern Ireland FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER
at home family photoshoots

baby girl was so perfect, she was so inquisitive towards me all day. refused to give me a smile until my camera when away. she was the best little human to photograph.

at home family photoshoots, Mel Hudson Family Photographer Northern Ireland
look at those eyes

relaxed, joyful moments at home. Your normal Saturday afternoon captured to remember.

at home family photoshoot Belfast with Mel Hudson Family Photographer Northern Ireland
at home family photoshoots

if you are thinking of booking a family photoshoot, why dont you think about booking one at home? If the weather is nice we can fit in a dual shoot and do half at home and half at a nearby park / forest. Lets get real memories for you to hold onto.

Have a look at previous home photography session CLICK HERE and then give me a ring !! PS I can even bring Labyrinth..

M x



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