Bubbles at the Castle

Children, Family, Outdoor Locations

What a wonderful way to start off August, i got to spend it with this little family.  We had a lovely morning at Antrim Castle Gardens, side note they are sooo pretty!!  But i have to say, you know what makes a good shoot, not an expensive camera, fancy studio lights or amazing props… chemistry, chemistry makes an great shoot.  When you have a Mummy & Daddy who are present in that moment being goofy with their babies and each other, smiles, joy and love. Snapping that moment is a gift in so many ways, a gift because they are letting me be part of their little family for a moment, a gift because they will always look back on these photographs for better or worse and remember our morning and a gift because I’m just an observer to their joy. So lets meet the little family that brought me so much joy to spend time with.  Darren & Valerie have the best kids, fun, mischievous and bouncing with energy. Here a few moments from our joyful shoot.


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