Cake Smash Photography – Belfast

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Cake Smash Photography – Belfast

Mel Hudson Children’s Portrait Photographer

Cake Smash Photography lets you celebrate the first birthday with your little human or humans.  It’s one of thee biggest milestones you can celebrate, and celebrate you should!!  Looking back at the last year theres been so many firsts.  So lets finish the year with a lovely , fun , personalised Cake Smash at home.


Little girls Cake Smash Belfast Mel Hudson Family Photographer

Cake Smash at home photography

I promise together we will create the best 1st birthday memories & cake smash photos that you and your little human will cherish forever.  Having the sessions at home makes the whole session so much more relaxed and chilled.  Your little one will be relaxed in their own environment & its very easy to make their Cake Smash super personal with their favourite toys.


Cake Smash Photographer Mel Hudson Photography BELFAST

To get the best result from your Cake Smash Photography session we want the cake to be super soft & smoochy.  Cupcakes are ideal because your little human can grasp them easily to get their first taste.  Sometime when they are presented with this HUGE cake they dont really know what to do.

So if we go with smaller cupcakes on the side its a great way to start the whole cake smash.

For this precious little sweetheart we went with the colour yellow.  It perfectly suits her little personality.  Once she spotted the cup cakes it took no time at all for Miss P to have a munch.  I love this part, I really do.  Its that little moment when your little human realises they are allowed to make a mess.

EAT all of the cake, you mean im allowed to eat ALL of the cake.

I can almost see their little brains processing the information.  Then their little eyes go really wide and thats it, they are hooked.  Its really the best way to spend an afternoon.  And to be fair its really how all cakes should be eaten.

I do promise though that before the mess starts I will always take a few pictures at the beginning.  Its only fair that we see their beautiful little faces all nice & clean.  I mean its a rarity so we gotta capture it for prosperity.


Cake Smash at home Belfast Mel Hudson Photography


Its also super helpful if we have extra help at the end help us tidy up.  This little dude was so helpful and thoroughly enjoyed the doggy cake his human made just for him.  I love some people so much, and this little family keep letting me come back year after year to take their family pictures.  Its just such a privilege that I hold so dear in my heart.

All of my Cake Smash Photography sessions include HR Digital images

My Cake Smash session you will receive a choice of digitals along with a beautiful framed print.  Its such a great way to spend an afternoon so please do give me a buzz. 07703389313.

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