Cake Smash with Jack

Im super behind with my Blogs, i mean super behind. The cake smash with Jack and his mummy & daddy happened way last year!  But better late than never.  If you are interested in having a cake smash then have a look at my Bump to 1 page, lots of information there.


Cake Smash Belfast, set up

This little dude was so much fun to photograph, i suppose it helps when you are super cute and photogenic!

Cake smashes can go a few ways

I have had the tears…

When the little one doesnt know whats going on.  Everyone is standing around and laughing at this huge cake and little person.  Confusion and panic sets in, then mum gets tense.  We’ve all had those moments when we expected something to go differently than it does.

When i book a cake smash i always recommend a few things

Firstly let your little human have a tiny taste test a few days before. Start with an iced cup cake. We want them to recognise the tasty cake and to do that they need to have tasted it first.  I always say there’s one moment when your little human realises they are allowed to crack on and eat the cake. Their eyes glisten and a little smile appears. Its so lovely to wait and watch for it, then when it arrives, its the best.

Belfast Family Photographer, Cake smash funPlease dont spend a fortune on a cake smash.  The cake is going to get smashed! So save the fancy cake for the birthday party with granny & grandpa.  Cheap & cheerful is the way to go.  Little cupcakes with some home made icing & sprinkles can go a long way.  Its all about your little human, not the cake after all.  CAKE SMASH BELFAST

Get involved !  Take this opportunity to have a lovely family shot of you guys with your little human. You guys made it to one whole year ! Well done ! Thats something to be celebrated !!  Ive lost count the number of times Ive turned up to a cake smash shoot asked mummy & daddy to get involved and theyve look horrified!


No no its just little Trevor you are here to photograph

Now we all know I havent done a cake smash for a little Trevor but i picked a random name so all you mummys & daddys can stay anonymous.  The best cake smashes are the ones that include everyone !!

Look at these lovely memories from Jack’s cake smash


Cake Smash Photographer Belfast, mum & dad get involved This little family have so much love its almost tangible.  They took all the suggestions on board, but most importantly they had fun. They got involved.  Look at the joy and giggles we captured.

Its good to let go and be silly sometimes. Its even better to do it with your little human.  They have to see mummy & daddy being silly, that lets them know its ok if they are silly too.

My heart sings when i leave a shoot like this. Jack’s little family is the best fun.  The mess was immense. I warn you now its really not for the faint of heart. However mess can be cleaned up.  Dirty floors can be cleaned.  Clothes can be washed.  Dont let the mess put you off creating something wonderful with your baby. Cake Smash BELFAST

These guys didn’t and look how much fun they are having.  I dont create this love and affection, I always say that.  Its all you, I cant make you guys giggle and relax. Im just there taking a few pictures of your joy.

Mummy & daddy did the perfect job at relaxing.  Ignoring the mess and just being in the moment with each other.  Bliss !

Now if the mess is just too much to bear, which i know can be. Then how about we do it in your garden, or a local park.  Outdoor family photography will always be my passion and smashing a cake outdoors, what fun!

So if you are thinking of arranging a cake smash. Then please give me a ring. We can have a chat about what is unique about your family and translate that into your family photographs.  Your little person is unique so their cake smash should be too.



M x


  1. Karen

    I didn’t realise you include mum and dad. That looks amazing!! Can you do that cake Smash with kids? I have a 1year old, 3 & 7 year old. Can they get involved.

    • Mel Hudson

      Hi Karen, yes we can have a little mini family shoot within your cake smash session. its a whole lot of fun if everyone gets involved.


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