Carrickfergus Photographer …. that’s me

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Carrickfergus Photographer … that’s me

Im always talking about how lovely our little corner of the world is. Carrickfergus is such a lovely little town and the people are so friendly. I know I can’t move down High Street with my Mum without being stopped at least 5 times. Its that sense of belonging that give us roots.  Nothing brings me more joy that families phoning up looking for a photographer in Carrickfergus.  Although i would class myself as a Carrickfergus Photographer, i have been so lucky!! Clients have rang me from Belfast, Ballymena, Portstewart, Lisburn, Fermanagh & Dungannon.

So when i get asked if im a Carrickfergus photographer i take great pride in saying yes.

What makes that perfect is that im getting to see more of our little country. The special outdoor spaces that mean something to each and everyone of us. Because we all have those spaces. The Knockagh Monument has a very special place in my families home.  The kids always looked out for it when we were coming home from long car journeys. We have picnics up there throughout the year, whatever the weather.  So when i get asked if im a Carrickfergus photographer i take great pride in saying yes. Carrickfergus is home… well Greenisland but its in the borough!

Our little town Carrickfergus has so much going for it. There are some fantastic restaurants! Ownies Barl Bistro Friday nights menu is outstanding. They have a brand new Chef in at The Windrose, which has the most beautiful views of the harbour.  Papa Browns if you are looking for good food with a great service.  Dobbins Inn our little piece of history is lovingly being restored piece by piece. Courtyard Coffee House does theee best Ulster Fry with tea.  Theres me being distracted by food again…. not like me.

Anyho when i get asked by clients where in Carrickfergus will we go. Genuinely i have so many places i feel overwhelmed. Then i start thinking how quickly can i walk them around the town!  Obviously the Castle has to be included. Carrickfergus Castle dates back over 800 years.  Eight hundred years… i always find that a little breath taking when Australia’s oldest building is just over 200 years old.  The old stone at the Castle is beautiful. It really is a marvel when you step back and observe it.

Carrickfergus Castle at dusk

Carrickfergus Photographer Mel Hudson Family Photography Carrickfergus Castle Co Antrim

Does anyone remember the Smugglers Inn that was a restaurant built just outside the Castle walls on the Lough?  Gosh when Mum & Dad took us there is was such a fantastic treat! I loved it looking out over the lough across the pond to Holywood.

Look theres me digressing again…

Back to where is a good, sorry, great place for a family photography session. Shaftsbury Park in Carrickfergus is a little oasis beside Marine Gardens. Thats always my starting point. I have shot countless family photographs there. There was even an outdoor Cake Smash squeezed in October 2017, the weather was grim until the Saturday afternoon of the Cake Smash. What a glorious day it was.

Cake Smash Shaftsbury Park, Carrickfergus

Carrickfergus Photographer Mel Hudson Family Photographer Cake Smash Shaftsbury Park Co Antrim

Shaftesbury Park also links into Carrickfergus Bowling Club, which im totally joining when i get a minute. Then if you dander in the other direction we get to the little lakes with the swans at Carrick Amphitheatre. Carrick Park Runs happen there every Saturday morning. I know not because im doing them. But because im at the leisure centre with the kids for their swimming lessons. But maybe one day …. I have a list !

Now i can’t forget St Nicholas’s Church right slap bang in the middle of the town.  I was shooting a family photography session in there this summer. It was blowing a gale as it does in Northern Ireland! So we sought refuge within the church walls. The grounds woman  was ever so lovely and let us stay a few minutes after locking up so we could finish out shoot. See, the people in Carrickfergus are just so lovely.

Family Photography Shoot in Carrickfergus, Summer 2018
Carrickfergus Photographer Mel Hudson Family Portraits Carrickfergus Co Antrim


So where is your favourite nook or cranny in Carrickfergus?

Do you fancy letting me join you and we could have the best afternoon wandering around our little town capturing moments with your family. They really will be treasured memories for years to come.  Have a look through the BLOG and see if my style suits you and your family. Then give me a ring, im ever so friendly, im also a Carrickfergus photographer 😉





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