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This wee post is going to be super short & super sweet, its the Easter Holiday and the kids are … well you can image!  Maisie made herself a cheese & ham sandwich yesterday and told me it was delicious because of the secret ingredient. Of course i had to ask what was the secret to a delicious cheese & ham sandwich.  Butter was the answer …. more butter, basically a butter sandwich with a hint of everything else.  Choosing to see the positive that at least she can make herself a sandwich!

Im digressing and this was supposed to be a super short & sweet blurb on Childrens Portrait Photograhy!  I was cleaning out my mail bag, you know the plastic bag that all the mail goes into so its not lying around the house.  Well i decided to clear it out a few days ago, mail from 2017 still not opened. Hey its a very valuable lesson that whats important today isnt so much in 3 years time!

I came across the kids school photos

Seriously does anyone still buy those things? The price was close to being pretty unreasonable and the photos, seriously !?  Im baffled that families will pay for school photos and not invest in a childrens portrait photography session.  It doesnt have to be expensive, my Mini Family Sessions are super reasonable.

But im missing the key ring… is that is, will you only go for the kids photos if theres the cheap & cheerful keyring included?


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Please, please, please if you are going to invest your hard earned money. Then take a minute, quickly google Childrens Portrait Photography Belfast and you will have hundreds of fantasitc options.  Professional photography does not have to cost an arm & a leg.  Yes you may not get the keyring, but come on. I know I would rather have joyful & playful grins on my walls, than the school portraits.



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Then once youve googled Childrens Portrait Photography Belfast, you might find me.  Hoorah !! Im super flexible, ill meet you outdoors or we can do a beautiful home session.  Surely the key to childrens portraits is that they are fun and playful.

I had a look at Maisies photos and her smile is fake, you can tell by the eyes, am i right. You know exactly what im talking about. The smile on command smile.  Those smiles give me the willies, soo not for me.  My endless search for genuine emotion & connection is my driving force.  Cant do fake.



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So lets start a revolution.  Expect better !!  Do not be emotionally blackmailed into buying bad photographs that are going to sit in a drawer year after year. Invest your time, energy and joy in a Childrens Portrait Photography Session with me.  Lets giggle and explore and make something worthy of going on the wall.


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Ok rant over… for now.  If you fancy a session with me, give me a ring 07703389313.

Have a lovely Easter, im away to rescue whats left of the butter.


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