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Pet photography is a whole conversation on its own. But what i want to concentrate on is family pet photography.

I love love love when families ask me to include their family pets

They are part of our family units.  I know we would be lost without our little pup, she’s just the most peaceful creature.  That is until someone comes to the door then all hell breaks loose!  Including them in family photos is such a special experience.  I love capturing the love & bond between your little humans and their fur brother or sister.

Pet Photography Co Antrim

Belfast Family Photographer - Pet photography


Little personalities come out when the family pup is included, it’s one big snug session.  I do have families ask if its ok to include their pets and I always say YES!  Bring along all the members of the family, the more the merrier.  The worst thing would be to regret not including them, and they are such a huge part of our lives.

My family pet when i was a child was a little golden mongrel mix.  But she was such a gentle little sweetheart. I have so many memories of her letting me put her in my babydoll’s pram and pushing her around.  We used to fight over who got to sit in front of the fire because we both wanted the heat.  We connect with these beautiful creatures and they should be included in your sessions, if possible.

Family Pet Photos Belfast

family pet photography Co Antrim


Now family cats theres a lot of fun!  I have to be super stealthy when im trying to capture the family cat.  Ive never had a cat as a pet but I do love them.  I really love the independence they seem to project.  It does take a while for them to warm up to me when im photographing a family at home.  But then they get really nosey, and i find them sitting outside the room.  Watching me, pondering if im worth any of their attention.  I love it!

Belfast Pet Photography at home session

Pet photography at home session Mel Hudson Family Photography Belfast


So if you are in doubt as to bring along the pup, or include the family pet during an at home session.  Then let me put your mind at rest. Bring them along! We can have so much fun.  They say you should never work with children or animals.  Sure what else would i be doing on a Saturday afternoon if I wasn’t spending the day with your kiddos and the family fur baby!

If you would like some more information on my at home sessions then CLICK HERE.

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