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Fabulously Fun Front Door Portraits


Fabulously fun front door portraits are one of thee best events to come out Lockdown 2020.  I have always included them in my at home family photoshoots because its such a lovely way to document your home.  Then Lockdown 2020 made them super fashionable and that was amazing! To see people embrace the idea of documenting their families during a really unusual period of time is what photography is all about.

Documenting your everyday normals.

Photography represents what is important to us.  Our phones are packaged with images that are important to us personally.  They show the story of our lives, what we had for tea if we love to take pictures of our dinner.  Selfies with friends, stopping to snap a picture of that tree or view that took our breath away.  Photos and images are such a powerful visual way to show our lives in colour.  So why wouldn’t we want to capture our family at home with a home photo shoot?  Our homes are our castles.  We rest & play & love our families in our homes, so documenting your story at home is a beautiful way to hold onto those memories.  They freeze time for us to come back and remember.

That has always amazed me about photography.  The ability to time travel…

Front Door Family Portraits Carrickfergus


Every picture tells a story.  Documenting the door step portraits we were able to tell the story of Lockdown 2020.  They will be a constant reminder of that strange time the world stood still.  We stayed at home to protect the vulnerable.  It is such an unprecedented event for our generation.  Our children will look at these photos and show them to their children.  Imagine we are living through and documenting history today.

I love the story telling aspect of family photography.  Especially when i’m invited into peoples homes for a family session at home.  Its a little snap shot into your right nows.  The fridge covered in childrens paintings.  Every home has toys bursting from cupboards.  Children’s rooms brightly painted.  They are such lovely lovely sessions.

I really couldn’t recommend them enough!!

Door step family photographs Carrickfergus

doorstep photos Co Antrim


Family photos have a wonderful way to evoke emotion.  I cant look at pictures of the kids when they were little without it taking my breath away.  Its so hard to believe they were ever that little.  And in 5 years ill look back at the photos I take today and it’ll be hard to remember them being this age.  Its not how pretty the photo is, this is so important to understand.  So many people say erugh I hate getting my photo taken.  Because they dont like how they look.  But I promise you when your kiddos look at those photos in 10 years time.  It will be the joy and happiness and love they will see, they will see the emotion.  And thats so important to remember.

With the development of our phones it has made taking pictures so much more accessible.  Its so wonderful to see. I love seeing people taking pictures of each other.  Their dinners went they are out with friends. Its such a wonderful joyful emotion to know people love what you love to do as well.

If I have one recommendation for coming out of Lockdown 2020 it would be that we embrace family photography a little bit more.  We should definitely capture more photos of our babies with their grandparents.  The grandparents we didnt visit for months in order to keep them safe.  Grandparent photo sessions are really lovely and very touching.  Seeing the relationship my children have with their grandparents is a gift and I do want them to have lots of memories they can hold in their hands in years to come.

at home family photography Co Antrim

Carrickfergus Front Door Portraits


So if you are interested in booking an at home family photoshoot then please do get in touch.  we will have a lot of fun and please dont fret that you dont have an ‘INSTA HOME’.  Your family at home session will be as all my photographs are , all about capturing the joy of your little growing family.

CLICK HERE for more information.  Cant wait to meet you!

M xx





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