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How do you take the best family photos?


So let me tell you how to take the best family photos with your phone!  Well the very first question you need to ask yourself, what makes it the best photo out of the hundred you’ve taken.  What style do you like.  Do you prefer the picture where everyone is looking at the camera directly.  Or do you like the picture that shows the giggles and chaos of your life.  Maybe you like a mixture of both and thats perfect!

So in all my years with a camera in my hand, and families in front of my lens these 3 tips will hopefully help you take the best family photos.

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North Coast best family photos Co Antrim

Tip No 1

  • let go your idea of a perfect photo.  Once you remove the expectation of wanting a perfect photo during that perfect moment.  You release the pressure valve of the moment.  I have lost count the number of times i have desperately begged my children to just be good so i can get one nice photo.  They all suffer from photographers child syndrome, its real people im telling ya.  The kids portraits are shockers!  My oldest always and i mean always has his eyes closed and his mouth open, its uncanny.

So let go of the pressure and once you do that you will begin to see your kiddos just being themselves.  It’s those moments you need to capture and it’s those moments you will love in 5, 10, 15 years time.  So let your kids be kids and you relax into the moment.  If you have an idea that you want a lovely photo for Granny for Christmas.  Then plan something the kids love to do and capture those joyful moments.

Kids develop their camera smile from such a young age so waiting until they are absorbed in something, distracted by something they are enjoying this will give you the best family photo of who they are, and who you know.


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Tip No 2

  • move around when you are taking the photos.  don’t stay in one place, perspective is everything.  If your little person is lower to the ground then you go low.  If you find the angle you are at isn’t giving you the feelings from the moment don’t be afraid to circle around, clicking as you go.  You may be surprised when you look back at the different photos how each one will give you a different perspective.

Move in closer to capture the details, or take a step back to capture the scene.  You really don’t need to spend thousands on expensive camera equipment & lenses with the fabulous phones we have at the minute.  But what the camera will lack will be the change of perspective the cameras & lenses can offer.  So use your feet instead.  By moving and creating different perspectives your camera may need a bit of time to refocus, you can do that by tapping the screen to allow it to know where & who to focus on.

Take loads of photos, the digital age rocks.  Then delete the duds when you are scrolling. You will be amazed at what you have managed to capture by just simply moving around.


Extended Family Photoshoot, Belfast

Belfast Outdoor Family Photographer


Tip No 3

  • turn your phone around.  We are so used to holding our phones vertically it’s an automatic response to take our pictures vertically as well.  So flip that phone on its side, but make sure your finger isn’t covering the lens!  Shooting landscape will allow more of the moment to be included in the shot.  The background can be included.  By shooting landscape you will also be able, with the newer phones, to play with depth of field.  Photographers are always after those creamy backgrounds and this will allow yourself more space to do that.

Shooting with your phone on its side is providing negative space, which will also give your photos more context.  They can feel more relaxed and more organic because our eyes take in all the details as well.  I shoot every family session i do in landscape.  It feels so awkward and uncomfortable to turn my camera on its side to shoot portrait.  It becomes much more formal because i’m framing a subject rather than the emotion.


Family Photographer, Co Antrim

Mel Hudson Outdoor Family Photographer Northern Ireland



I hope these tips have helped you on your journey to capture the best family photos.  and if all else fails you can give me a buzz and ill take the best family photos for you!

M x

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