Maternity Shoot with Claire & Chole

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Maternity Photoshoot with Claire & Chole

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golly gosh what a luck duck i am. i got a little phone call at the end of May asking me to do a Maternity shoot. I nearly jumped out of my chair with joy. These shoots are blissful !!  The beautiful Claire phoned and had decided to capture a few memories of her growing her new human with a Maternity shoot.  How brave, wonderful and amazing is that. I have very few photographs of me carrying my 4 humans.

They are all stored on an old fashioned hard drive i can’t access!!!!

i know i have some prints somewhere in the boxes of photographs that seem to grow every year.  You know who is always asking to see them, the kids. They want to see themselves in my tummy. Its a huge fascination for them.  So my resolution for summer holidays is to crank up my 20 year old lap top and try and access this hard drive.  When i find some ill pop them up, they wont be pretty !! I was not a glowing pregnant woman, unlike my beautiful mummy-to-be Claire.  To say she is glowing is an understatement. She looked so beautiful with her growing human and her daughter by her side.

She was so lovely, we headed to Lady Dixon Gardens in Belfast, the sun was warm. The gardens were in bloom and her daughter Chole was full of fun.  We had the best afternoon playing with bubbles & balloons.  I was very lucky and she told me she’s expecting a ……

you didn’t expect me to tell you !!?

I made up a little video of our Maternity shoot because i just loved way it flowed.  Claire and Chole are wonderfully fun human beings. They have a beautiful relationship together, which i got to witness. See how im a lucky duck ! CLICK HERE to have a look at the little video i popped up on my Facebook Page from the maternity shoot.

Claire’s Maternity Shoot at Lady Dixon Gardens Belfast

Mel Hudson Family Photographer Belfast, Northern Ireland Maternity Shoot Lady Dixon Gardens


If you would like to chat with me about capturing YOU growing your own human, then please give me a call. Im ever so chatty and we will have a ball, i promise.  If you like have a look through some of my family shoots on my BLOG, click HERE.

love yourself and give a Maternity Shoot gift to you and your little human





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