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*spoiler alert this is not photography related, so read at your own risk!!*

so tonight the crazy lady in me made an appearance.. now i normally try really hard at playing down that part of my personality, at times it can be just too much and very overwhelming, i feel for my kids at times. anyhoo let me tell you what happened.

the 4 hudson kids are starting to spread their wings and wanting to explore the world outside our front door, which is great! however they so aren’t street wise kids and tonight it really showed. they were exploring in a field near the house and boy 2 & boy 3 found a little army of snails to boy 2’s pure delight. this kid, honestly loves animals, any kind even the weird gross ones, id go as far to say he loves animals more than humans.  we all know souls like this, yes? they are the ladies with 23 stray cats in the house who don’t notice the smell but are content knowing these little animals are safe. the men that treat the family pet like their little fur baby and spoils them rotten when no one is looking, of course! these souls are special I’m telling ya, these souls know, they just know how it should be and the rest of us can only watch and learn from their example.

any way i digress, not like me, the boys found an army of snails, boy 2 was talking to them and contemplating how on earth he was going to smuggle them into his bedroom without me noticing! when boy 1 appeared with some friends from school. there was one particular little 10 year old dude in the group that thought it would be cool to squash the snails boy 2 had found. he stomped on them, every single one of them, in front of boy 2. it was a bloodbath…. now i know it was only a snail, i know it was only a little family of snails, but you guys my son doesn’t see them as only snails. he sees a little family that live, love and stick together. the 10 year old might as well have squashed HIS family.

well he was too traumatised to speak, girl 1 came marching round to the house with boy 2, they were going to get mummy and she was going to fix it!!! that was me, i was supposed to fix the bloodbath that had just occurred, he was looking at me demanding justice for his snails, snails you guys, snails!!!

so off i marched to the field to find the group of 10 year olds, boy 3 and boy 1 were enraged on behalf of their brother (sneaky part of me is super proud, they argue and tease each other to the limits but here they were sticking together!) boy 2 found his voice and showed me the 10 year old that squashed the snails, now i know a majority of 10 year old boys are exploring, pushing boundaries and showing off to their friends, but boy 2 wanted justice. so i did what any crazy lady would do i unleashed the lecture of a lifetime on how ALL life is valuable, down to the ants, snails, puppies, tigers, elephants… life is a miracle we should be nurturing it and helping to keep it alive not stomping on it. the 10 year old boy and his group of friends i have to say took it well, i think it was more shock that kept them rooted to the spot that this lady was freaking out over some snails, the french eat them you know. after said lecture the 5 of us turned and marched home, leaving behind a group of dumbstruck boys.

boy 2 is still traumatised he didn’t sleep well and this morning he’s decided if he ever finds anymore snails he’s going to hide them so they stay safe until he has is own house and they can come live with him, his 8 dogs and wife. that 10 year old taught my son a life lesson tonight that people do stupid dumb things all the time for no reason at all, i just really hope my son taught that 10 year old a lesson in return, be kinder than necessary, it costs nothing to be kind to those around us in whatever shape or form they take.

below is a picture of boy 2 feeding a hamster at the local farm, his soul sings when its around animals and i love to be there to soak it up.

** Update ** 10 year old dude apologised to boy 1 the next day at school, well done to the mum & dad of this little person, he was able to think through his actions and took the big step in admitting he was wrong, wasn’t that amazing!!

***Update** boy 2 has spent the past few days finding the crushed snail shells and we now have a bowl of them in my kitchen while he decides how they should be buried…not a drama they are beside the bowl of teeth….but thats a whole other blog!!!!



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