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As a North Coast Family Photographer i get to do thee most fun activities..

like this session from a few years ago… im running a few years behind on my blogs forgive me.

Say hello to Bert..

Downhill Beach Northern Ireland


Bert has been lovingly restored and is now a firm favourite with the family when they head out on adventures.  How much fun is that!! He has all mod cons that you would expect with a few hidden surprises as well.  Honestly the session was the best fun.

When I head up to the North Coast to photograph families im always filled with excitement.  Theres something about our beautiful North Coast that we all embrace.  The air leaves our lungs with a huge gust when we see the sea and all our worries seem to just slip away for a few hours.  Playing with families at the beach brings out so many naughty, fun characteristics.  Parents childhood memories are wrapped up in the North Coast as well.

You have no idea how many people I speak to that have or had a carvan at Castlerock. My husbands family spent their entire childhood summers digging in the sands of Castlerock and sleeping in the caravan. It really is a way of life. Very different from my childhood, which was filled with day trips but we always came home in the evenings.

North Coast Family Photography


Family Photography at the North Coast Northern Ireland


But the North Coast has for us become a firm favourite as it is for many of my families that i photograph.  I know this session was taken a few years ago.  Long before the word COVID entered into our vocabulary.  The idea of lockdowns were absurd, but even then I appreciated photographing families outdoors.  Being a North Coast family photographer is so good for the soul because we are outside.  I cannot wax lyrical enough what its like photographing families in the fresh air.  Away from a studio, the lights, the cramped spaces, white walls everyone just lets their breath out a tiny bit more.


North Coast Outdoor Family Photography


This little bean was so shy to begin with.  She is so tiny & lovely & sweet but she did not like my camera at all!  So we forgot about the session for a while and built some sandcastles.  We buried some toys in the sand.  Then slowly she came around until by the end of the day she was shouting

Mel Mel watch me do this.

and then i get to capture this…. perfection.

This moment was achieved simply because we had time to chill our beans.  No rushed schedule to adhere to.  When you book a session with me its all about time.  I give your little ones time to adjust, recalibrate and then enjoy the session.  We will play games and explore.  There is nowhere better to do this than outside.

So if you are interested in book a family session at our glorious North Coast then please do get in touch.  Id love to have a natter with you – 07703389313

M x

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