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This afternoon my lovely Mummy called up to see her many grandchildren that all reside in my home. she plays with them, reads a story, chats, brings them treats and then has a cup of tea (if she’s lucky enough to find a tea bag!) and we have a quick chat about our week. i love my Friday afternoons with mum.

this week she told me Dad & her have booked a little holiday and that resulted in them having a little think about where they have been over the years. to help them remember mummy said…..”so we went and had a look through all our yesterdays” what she meant was Dad & her looked through the photo albums and many pictures they have taken over the years of bringing up THEIR little family.  but she didn’t say we went and looked at the old photos, she said, we had a look through all our yesterdays.. no word of a lie my heart skipped a beat and i fell instantly in love with my little Mummy all over again. I’ve never heard this saying before, maybe a few of you have, but it was the loveliest thing i think I’ve ever heard, and i suppose it harks back to my previous post about printing your images. if Mum & Dad hadn’t left their films in (albeit the 7 day return service) they very well might have lost little precious memories. our mind is a wonderful thing but 99% of it is visual and photographs are a wonderful way to kick start a whole memory of a place, event or time.

when she left i went and found the old box of physical photos that i haven’t had time to sort yet and spent an hour going through my yesterdays with the kids, it was all baby photos and it was wonderful to physically touch them, pass them around and have them there. i have over 25,000 images on a hard drive, these are a collection of photos since the digital age began, this hard drive that holds all my yesterdays is too old to connect to my computer i have to pull out a 7 year old laptop that takes an hour to boot up so i can access them. i know i have them, they are digitally safe but i can’t easily get at them. the box in the garage brought me so much joy tonight.

print your images guys, photo books are so so easy to make, you can fit as many as 12 images to a page so you can cram it full of your yesterdays, leave it lying around for everyone to enjoy. print your yesterdays, you will never regret it.

in that fashion i have uploaded one of myself and my 3 boys, Maisie was but a blink. the twins are 16 days old here, they were born practically walking you can still see the bruise on my hand from the surgery.


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