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Outdoor Family Photographer 

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As an outdoor family photographer in Northern Ireland i have found the greatest joy in discovering new nooks and crannies with my families.  There really is something ever so special about exploring outdoor family photography, especially in Northern Ireland.  What a beautiful little corner of the universe we live in. We can have beach sessions, forest sessions, historical buildings are aplenty.  Whatever vibe you are looking for when you think about outdoor family photography then we will be able to find it.

I know how busy life can be with children.  It seems like the weeks whizz by but that hour before bedtime can last an eternity! But I do want to encourage you to consider an outdoor family photography session with me.  We will slow everything down, and go for a dander.  Children come alive when they see their humans are engaged in the moment with them.  Its a wonderfully connected session and time and time again I just see the joy that overflows when families slow down and see each other.


family photography Northern Ireland

Outdoor family photographer Northern Ireland

Siblings young and old respond so differently when its another adult asking them to co-operate.  Who listens to Mum & Dad, I know my kids dont!!  But your kiddos do listen to me, well most of the time.  I’m not demanding or bossy, but I promise you I am very good at what I do.  I’m a joy and giggles seeker and no matter what I will find them!

My goal is to make everything about the session to be as easy as possible.  So that not only with the experience be a lovely memory, so will your photographs.


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I don’t do cheesy just to warn you, I’m all about the fun candid moments that have your eyes twinkling.  But saying that I will give you guidance on what looks good and how to feel comfy in front of my camera.  So everything will feel natural, relaxed and in the moment.

So if you are at home pondering should I do a wee outdoor family photography session, then the answer is YES.  Send me a wee email or give me a call +447703389313. Im ever so friendly and we can organise a lovely afternoon with your family together.

M xx


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