Outdoor Family Photography – what I wish everyone knew

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Outdoor Family Photography – what I wish everyone knew

In the immortal words of the extraordinary Nina Simone.

Its a new day, its a new dawn, its a new life… and im feelin gooood….. da dum da dum da dum dum

Theres always so much positivity around at the beginning of a New Year. Time to set aside old habits and try to form new ones. As I grow older I find myself searching for peace. Peace to enjoy reading a book, peace with good friends. Theres a lot to be said for finding your tribe as you get older.

Which brings me to outdoor family photography. Each time I meet a family its like meeting a member of my tribe. What a fantastic feeling it is when you get to spend the afternoon with a family that values what you do.

Mel Hudson Family Photography Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Gardens Belfast Photographer Northern Ireland

However if I had a wish for the New Year, it would be that I wish everyone knew what a wonderful experience Outdoor Family Photography can be.

Being outside with the kids, exploring, talking and being relaxed. Then having those moments documented for you to see afterwards. Its such a wonderful part of photography, I find it addictive.

250 billion photographs have been uploaded to Facebook to date.

A recent white paper published by Facebook has said that they are receiving 350 million uploads a day. 350 million photographs are being uploaded to Facebook a DAY! That takes my breath away. We love documenting and capturing our lives, as we are living them.

So therefore what happens to the mindset when we decide to have a professional take some photographs, do we suddenly stop being natural. Being in a studio surrounded by lights is not a natural process. The photographs will be beautiful. The lighting will be delicious. But we have lost the ability to behave naturally.

One thousand times I will always choose a photograph of my kids being relaxed and natural.

Outdoor family photography Northern Ireland

Everyone I ever speak to about photography always tells me

I prefer the natural photographs, I hate looking into a camera

So why oh why when we decide to have some pictures taken do we chose the unnatural route? Outdoor family photography is fun, organic and the backdrop can be just as beautiful and holds meaning to your lives.

Mel Hudson Photography Castlerock Sanddunes North Coast Photographer NORTHERN IRELAND

Therefore my wish for 2019 is for more and more families to discover the joy of outdoor family photography. Northern Ireland has some amazing outdoor photographers, research, look at their website and if they suit your style then go for it!!

I promise you won’t regret it.

Have a look at my Facebook page, I try to keep it uptodate but to be honest im not a fan of social media. Its a real struggle to engage with it, but 2019 I will try harder.

If you are interested in booking a session with me then please have a look at my family gallery you can get a good idea of what you can expect on a afternoon with me.

M x


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