Portrait Photography in Belfast

Portrait Photography sounds very formal doesnt it. When someone says portrait photography my mind instantly goes to a family photography session in Belfast, my Mum had years ago. My nanny is sitting in the chair and everyone is standing around her.  Classic portrait photography in Belfast years ago was studio based.

Back straight, fixed smile …. formal

Portrait photography in Belfast has changed over the years. Thank goodness i was never a fan of the formal photograph.  My school photos can vouch for that.  Crikey only a mother could love those school photographs.  I dont buy the school photographs that come in the school bag twice a year.  Firstly they are way too expensive and secondly they are formal portraits.  They make me uncomfortable to just look at.  My darling Mum always asks to see them and we had a moment when i told her i wasn’t buying them again this year.

You always buy at least one school photo Melanie

I was told. Then i showed her the price list and she said, ah ok, yeah got it.  For a tiny bit more you could hire me for a few hours to take some gorgeous portrait photographs of your family. They will be silly, joyful and you.

No straight back, no fixed smile….. relaxed

Mel Hudson Photography Castlerock North Coast Photographer

Just you guys being you. Cheeky smiles and fun, so much fun.

Mel Hudson Outdoor Family Photographer, Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Gardens Belfast, hill rolling with kids

exploring with the kids

Mel Hudson Family Portrait Photography in Belfast, Little boy walking with his blue balloon


walking your dog, or your balloon

Or just chilling on a Sunday afternoon.  Either way portrait photography in Belfast has changed. Be a part of that change and lets venture outside. Lets explore and see what silly antics we can get up to with you and the kids.

Pick the joyful side of photography not the uncomfortable portrait, fixed smile, in front of the camera side.

Check out my Blog HERE for some joyful family portrait photography sessions.

M xx


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