Smash the Cake – Belfast

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Smash the Cake – Belfast

Cake Smash Photography – Mel Hudson Family Photographer


Cake Smash at home photography Mel Hudson Family Photographer Belfast


Everyone has fun at a smash the cake session, maybe not the person left with cleaning up.  But hey we cant win them all, can we?

Smash the Cake sessions are a relatively new style of photoshoots and I have to say I LOVE THEM!

They have grown more & more popular along with I suppose the Gender Reveal Photoshoots as well.  But this session is going to stick with chatting to you about smashing a cake.  If you are in any doubt as to whether to book one, then please let me put your mind at ease.  It will be so much fun, your cheeks will be sore from grinning.  I know mine always are.

I thought I would give you a couple of hints of what to expect at a Smash the Cake session, so here we go.


You have to expect mess.  There is no getting around it.  If you are a parent that likes their little ones spotless all the time, then we have to have a think about what would suit you instead.  Smashing a cake is messy, there is icing, sprinkles, cupcakes, jam, cake all the ingredients for a lovely afternoon.  If you think the mess would be too much then maybe a bubble bath session would suit better.  But if you can give in for one afternoon and grin through the chaos & mess.  You will just love seeing the joy and surprise in your little ones eyes.  Totally worth it, and when siblings join in.  What fantastic fun!

Cake Smash with brother and sister Northern Ireland



The best cakes to smash are plain old vanilla sponge cakes. They’re soft and crumbly and easy for little hands to break up. Soft buttercream icing will create the perfect messy fun you’re after, but pick your colour carefully – red icing can leave your baby looking like a vampire and brown can look like… well I’m sure you can guess.

I have found that cupcakes are also perfect for little hands to lift and inspect.  You can use ready made icing and sprinkles, the softer the better really.  This cake was baked by Grandma and it was absolutely delicious.  But here’s the most important thing about the cake.  Its going to get smashed, so please please dont spend a fortune.  If you are getting a beautiful cake made with fondant & layers etc.  Then save that for the birthday party with the family.

first birthday cake smash little boy Mel Hudson Photography BELFAST



Obviously thats a little joke.. because we always ponder what we are going to wear if there is a camera around.  So have a wee nosey at hint no1, Mess.  Theres going to be a lot of mess so dont what ever you do put bubba in their grandmothers antique gown.  Go with something comfy and washable.  The icing if we do it right is going to get into every nook & crany.  Its fabulous !  Little tee shirts that say 1 are super cute.  As are baby vests with the big first birthday printed.  What ever they wear just be content its going to get covered in cake. Likely stained from the coloured icing and sprinkles.  Fabulous fun and giggles.

Cake smash for little boy in Belfast with Mel Hudson Family Photography



Because they really are. Your little one is at their most relaxed in their own environment.  No strange noises, smells. Flashing lights & equipment.  Home with mummy & daddy.  The really are the sweetest afternoons.  I truly believe every family should have a professional photos that reflect their individual family.  So each of my Cake Smash sessions are completely different.  The set is never the same, it is built all around your home & your family.  The result is a happy content little bean, munching on a delicious cake that their nanny made them.  Extended family can be there too, to soak up the fun.  Ive had 6-7 cakes smashes now thats taken place on baby’s actual birthday.  Auntie’s & Uncles have been there to laugh and enjoy the moment.  Its a wonderful way to include the special members of your family in your family photographs.  Your little one will cherish these photos in years to come.

Little Boy 1st Birthday Cake Smash BELFAST

Hopefully my little blog has given you a tiny bit more insight into what to expect.  Give me a buzz if you have any questions and id be happy to have a wee chat about your First Birthday plans.

M x

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