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Belfast Family Photographer

Who can feel it, who can almost feel the warmth of the sun on their face.  Northern Ireland is such a beautiful little pocket in our universe, and im so lucky I get to work here.  I am based in Belfast and as a family photographer thats really handy because I can shoot off in any direction.  My North Coast sessions are really popular and so much fun!  But the gardens & parks around Belfast this time of year are also so very beautiful, worth all the rain eh?

Spring brings the Cherry Blossoms alive and my family just love Cherry Blossoms.  We have so many of them planted in pots around the garden all different growth stages.  So that they will all mature over different periods of time.  The smell and the feel of cherry blossom, along with cut grass, is childhood.


Father & daughter

family portrait photography Belfast Co Antrim


Spring is a wonderful time to book your family photos.  The best experience is an afternoon having a dander among the spring blossoms.  Just chatting with the kids pottering along beside you exploring the nooks & crannies.  Our Northern Irish winds have disappeared for another season.  I cant be the only one that notices those winds! Am I right! I can cope with rain & cold weather but the winds knock the breath from me.

I have lovely lovely clients that like to book their Spring sessions a year in advance.  Capturing family memories, especially documenting the kids growing up each year is so important to them.  And I have clients that book in every two years.  Catching up with the little ones is always so lovely cause I really see how much they have grown.  These families are my tribe.  They each value the session as a way to spend quality time together as a little family.

Every year I document my own family with a 100 days of Summer project

My kids love when the project starts because they know im going to allow them to do some crazy things for the photos.  But what they love even more is when the album arrives at the end of summer.  They fight to get to see it first.  They pick the photos they want printed & framed and hung around the house.  I sometimes catch them standing on the stairs talking about the photos hanging there.  Do you remember when we did this. What age are we here?  Look at you, you are a baby there.  The photos are a constant reminder of their childhood.  And I love that!

Belfast Family Photographer

Out Door Family Photography


So if you are interested in booking a family photography session in and around Belfast or anywhere else in our little pocket of the universe, then give me a call.  We will have a lot of fun, feeling the sun on our face & the summer breeze on our cheeks.  I can almost picture it… we are so close.

M x

If you’d like more information about my family photography sessions then CLICK HERE.



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