For May’s Throw Back Thursday I’ve taken a picture of a photograph from my wedding album, this image was taken approx 140 full moons ago but i still love it so so much.  i really struggled organising our wedding, it took at least 5 attempts we were getting married all over the place then when it came to organising we run out of energy… the thought of having to discuss in great detail things that really didn’t matter to Mr B and i was just too much effort.  When we did finally get the energy we planned, organised and had the wedding all within  7 weeks.  i remember my beautiful mum trying to get me to talk about dresses and flowers with no luck, she must have been so demented.  the only thing Mr B and i cared about was the food and the photographs.

My style of photography wasn’t really available for weddings back in the day, when i met with photographers about what i wanted they all grinned, backed away and i never heard from them again. so we decided to do a studio shoot the morning of the wedding, then head down get married and be cracking into the cocktails by tea time, and it worked a treat.  with the studio shoot i was able to direct Kathy with the shots i wanted, to much disbelief of my family & friends i had them in all weird and wonderful angles.

Not much has changed, i loved the informal kooky photographs then and i love them now, capturing that one moment filled with love and laughter.

This one image sums me up for good or for bad xx


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