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What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?  

Mel Hudson Family Lifestyle Portraits 


newborn photoshoot at home Belfast

Mel Hudson Newborn Photography Belfast

What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography ? I get asked this a lot, so I thought id pop some thoughts down to try and explain my love affair with Lifestyle photography.

Our little corner of the universe is brimming with talented photographers.

Some of them  are absolutely amazing.  Within this band of amazing photographers you find we each carve out a little section that makes our souls sing.

We have the photographers that like the workings of a studio.  They can have access and control over their lighting. Which should result in sublime beautiful images.  Studios are not weather reliant. And fake backgrounds & props can be introduced to the session.

Then we have non studio based photography. Natural light photography.

That used to belong solely to the wedding photographer, they would bring their equipment with them and shoot on site.

Various different hotels, pubs, churches etc.  But a revolution happened during the 00’s and Lifestyle photography took hold.  It no longer became the domain of the wedding photographer. Lifestyle family photography has sky rocketed as we have stepped away from the posed control environment of the studio.

I have talked aready about the pros and cons of Studio v Outdoor photography.  If you fancy having a wee nosey CLICK HERE.


Lifestyle Newborn Photography Mel Hudson Family Photographer Belfast

So back to the beginning What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography ? Well its so lovely!! I mean really, it is so lovely and joyful. Its a step away from the traditional style of photographing newborns.  Personally.. I like to focus on the connections this brand new little soul is making with its humans.

I love to capture the littleness in your arms. Along with the craziness of having a newborn baby at home.

Who knew something that small would make such a mess…. right !

But along with all of those lovely little connections, its incredibility relaxed.  I know everyone says that, but genuinely it is.  When you book me as your newborn photographer my aim is to take all the stress and worry away.

Newborn photographer Co Antrim


There is no need for you to pack up the house and travel to me.

I come to you

Instead of trying to think ahead of what you want everyone to wear, we can discuss what photographs well when I arrive.  Lifestyle Newborn photography is a very inclusive session.  I love it when family is involved. Older siblings, mum & dad, watching for the new connections developing.  Older siblings are normally still pretty young as well. Its a lot to ask them to sit for 3-4 hours in a posing session at a studio.  Heat is cranked up to keep baby sleepy, lights are flashing, younger siblings are not going to react well to this strange environment.  Believe been ive been there, many many times.  Its resulted in a stressed Mummy, grumpy Daddy and discombobulated toddler.

But in your own home where everyone is comfortable they can wander in and out and I’ll capture all of these moments of your right nows. They are so precious and inclusive of who your family is right now.

Within the option of lifestyle newborn sessions there is the opportunity to capture you feeding your little one.  I always like my clients to know, these images are never shared, they are private & personal to you and your little family. Whether we are capturing Mummy breast feeding on the sofa or Daddy bottle feeding these bonding moments are beautiful and so personal. And I suppose until you see them in front of you, you maybe don’t realise how much you will treasure them…

Lifestyle newborn sessions in your home are unique.  Ultimately this is what I love.  Personally I really dislike the same generic images, i can see the appeal that you know what you are getting.  Whereas within my sessions you will find your images reflect you, your connections and your home. Making them personal and individual.

Mel Hudson Newborn Photographer Belfast

What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography Belfast

Im such a fan of lifestyle newborn photography in your own home that ive thought of my

top 12 plus 1 more reasons why you should give it a go!!


  1. Im there to capture the new connections and love between you and your new human.  But im also there to capture your new little human, their little toes, milk spots. The only difference is they will be in your arms when im doing it.
  2. There is no stress involved having to pack up the car and be somewhere at a specific time.  Newborns can be unpredictable so this session is all about them and I work around them.
  3. You can stay at home, I mean you just made a tiny little person!! Being comfortable is a really big deal, I know ive been there!
  4. Natural light is so beautiful and soft, it really suits a newborn session so well.
  5. Its a precious gift, because it captures how everything is right now, in all its mess & joyfulness.
  6. I capture your brand new little human at home, in their cot, in the nursery, on the sofa. All lovely reminders of what makes them feel safe & happy. Home.
  7. We can work with babies schedule. They are due a bath, then lets have a bath. If they are due a feed then we can capture some beautiful private moments of you breast feeding or bottle feeding.
  8. We can include the whole family, fur babies included.
  9. Lifestyle photography at home is not as expensive.  We dont need to pay for studios, props, lighting, heating.  Those expenses are reflected in the prices of newborn studio sessions.
  10. Your gallery will be packed full of images that mean something to you guys. The photographs will have the weird lamp Auntie Sandra gave you on your wedding day in the background. Or the lovely picture of you & your mum when you were little that sits on the table beside the sofa.
  11. Young siblings are comfortable surrounded by their toys and TV and being at home. This will make your session so much more smoother and calmer.
  12. Your images will be unique.  The newborn session is built specifically around you and your home. No one else will have the images you have, I am there to document you, not duplicate.
finally my plus one

As the emphasis of lifestyle newborn photos is based on your connections, we can wait until they are older.  This gives you and the family more time to catch your breath and get to know this little person.

Newborn gift ideas Belfast

So if you are interested in having a chat with me about your newborn session, then please do give me a ring 07703389313. Also giving Lifestyle Newborn session as a gift is truly a wonderful experience to receive that really will last a lifetime.

M xx





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