Why I’m passionate about being a Newborn Photographer

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Why I’m passionate about being a Newborn Photographer

Mel Hudson Newborn Photography


Why im passionate about being a Newborn Photographer is simply because being a newborn photographer carries a huge responsibility. This brand new person has just joined your family. You are feeling a bit discombobulated.  Your home now resembles a bomb site.  The last meal you ate consisted of a digestive and a cold cup of tea.  The idea of smiling for the camera is thee LAST thing on your mind.  But believe it or not it really is the most important part of the session.


Connections, im always looking for the connections

Birth photographer Belfast

Newborn baby yawns with Mel Hudson Newborn Photographer Co Antrim

Im always on the look out for little connections. And being a newborn photographer there are thousands to watch for.  I love a huge big stretch and oh those yawns.  You cannot beat a gorgeous little yawn!

During these first few months it feels like its a never ending cycle of feeding, burping, colic, sleeping and nappies. But I do promise it does come to an end. And when it does you will realise you were so exhausted you forgot to take some pictures of their little.ness.

It is the most surreal experience when you are awake with a newborn at 3 am and the world is sleeping around you. A good nights sleep feels like a distant memory. Then the morning arrives when they’ve slept through and you are on to the next stage.


a first baby really knocks the socks off you!


When baby Hudson was born it was 4 months before I had the energy to pack him all up.  Drive upto Belfast to his newborn session in a studio.  It was hateful, I personally hated every moment of it. The pressure was immense. All put on myself because I wanted the perfect pictures and I was too tired to do it.  A first baby really knocks the socks off you.

Looking at the pictures now hes so cute but there was only one of me. I’m hiding behind Mr B and im looking down at him. I was tired. I was uncomfortable with my new body and weight. Being in a newborn photography studio I was vastly out of my comfort zone.  Eventhough I knew what everything did was it was all too much noise and stimulation.

Thats why I feel a huge responsibility. As a newborn photographer I really want new mums to enjoy their newborn session. I really want them to be relaxed and calm. Calm mummy, calm baby.  Thats why I come to you!  No need to pack up your bags, remembering everything.

Then when I arrive at your session we will have a chat about your expectations.  Every new mum is nervous about being in the shot. I completely understand. We can discuss wardrobe, what photographs well.  We work together to capture your little family moments.


Every new mum is nervous about being in the shot.

Newborn Photographer Co Antrim

Little boy being held by parents during an at home photo session Northern Ireland


Holding your little person in your hands and seeing how little their fingers are.  These change so quickly. Baby Hudsons hands are now bigger than mine and it feels like yesterday I was holding them while he feel asleep.  It is such a lovely experience spending the morning with a little family and their brand new human.  Capturing your right nows with them is an amazing job.

So if you are considering having a newborn photoshoot at home then I have 4 little suggestions.
Relax, your home doesnt have to be perfect.

Nothing is perfect and if anything you will laugh about 4 packets of baby wipes in all 4 corners of the room. I normally start by shooting a session in the living room.  For a change of scenery we can head to the Nursery or the Master bedroom.  Some kitchens have snugs and we can move to there.  I can move around the house with you as you potter around.  Or we can stay in the living room, nothing is a drama.

Feeding your little human.

Some mummy’s like to have 1 or 2 shots of them breast feeding. They are very precious to have. I never ever ever share these images. These images are purely for you guys. Some daddy’s like to have a picture of them feeding their little human with the bottle. They are very sweet because the faces daddy pulls to keep baby entertained at amazing.  Either way once again I have no schedule or list of things to be done.  Im there to capture your right nows in that moment.

Wear something comfy.

This applies to every session. If you are comfortable then you will look comfortable in the camera. Avoid wearing the same colour as baby, or else it will look like you are holding a floating head.  A cute floating head, but nonetheless a floating head.

Suit yourselves.

If it doesnt suit to have someone come to the house 5 days after baby is born. Then dont do it!! Please dont think you are missing out on anything.  Smartphones are amazing the only downside is they miss the connections between you guys.  I would consider it a Newborn Session right upto 3 months. Plenty of time to catch your breath.  Suit yourselves. Each stage will give you a different gallery so before baby is born reach out.  Talk to newborn photographers near you.  Find out what they offer and what they dont.  Have a look at their galleries and the styles.  There are so many amazing newborn photographers in Northern Ireland. So it really is worthwhile having a think about what exactly you want.

and finally 1 last suggestion

If you are considering wrapping baby make sure the photographer has all the qualifications.  A majority of these photographs are a Photoshop Composite because it can be dangerous to leave baby in these positions. Such as the potato or frog. Having baby resting their little heads on their hands is such a cute photo. BUT it must be carried out correctly.  Im not a photoshop wizard, my images are more or less how I take them in camera.  Old school I suppose.  So please do research your photographer if you are going down this route.


Newborn moments during an at home photo session Co Antrim

Newborn photo shoot at home Belfast Northern Ireland

I love love love seeing them just be themselves in your arms.


It all comes down to personal choice. Your personal choice. Seeing them in your arms is beautiful. If thats what you are looking for then we will be a perfect match. CLICK HERE  if you are interested in having a look at some other Lifestyle Newborn sessions i’ve taken at home.

If you are interested in having a Newborn session at home then please do give me a ring 07703389313 and lets have a chat.

M xx


  1. Cerys

    Hi i love this idea of you coming to the house. We live in Saintfield and im due in 3 weeks, when do i need to book you? can my 2 year old be incorporated into the photos too? thanks.

    • Mel Hudson

      Hi Cerys thanks for getting in touch. Can you give me a ring on 07703389313 and we can have a chat about what you are looking for. thank you so much, talk soon. Mel xx


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