Autumn Outdoor Family Photo Shoots

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Autumn Outdoor Family Photo Shoots

Northern Ireland – Mel Hudson

What a crazy place the world is right now.  Is everyone doing Ok? It has been a while since I powered up my blog, so much so I forgot the password.  So after 8 attempts I’m here, on a Saturday morning in October chatting to you about Autumn Outdoor Family Photo Shoots.

Im right bang in the middle of my autumn outdoor family photo sessions and they are filling me with so much peace and joy.  It’s exactly what is needed right now.  2020, who could have predicted it.  It has been such a momentous year for the world.  For my little family it has been a rollercoaster year.  Homeschooling had amazing benefits but it was also the hardest task i’ve ever attempted..ever!

Why do our own children never listen to us?

Is this the age old battle cry of parents throughout the land?  And this is with me doing the bare minimum.  The Hudson approach to lock down was to fill our days with board games & movies & our one long walk every evening.  It was a lovely routine but 3 months in I was struggling, as I am absolutely sure everyone was.  Then summer arrived and with it hope we had battled the pandemic and flattened the curve.  All these new sayings for the year 2020, hasn’t our vocabulary grown.

Schools started back in August and the feeling of normality began to grow again.

Its been a strange year for my work.  I launched my Gather your Tribe sessions which is a super personal project that I just fell in love with.  The concept that we are surrounded by humans that lift us up and pull us along.  Right when we need it the most, and we only ever really document it with the odd selfie.  The response to my call to Gather your Tribe was overwhelming and for that I am so thankful.  Families are still approaching me for their outdoor family photo sessions which I am beyond grateful for.  Life is beginning to feel real again.

Which brings me to this October morning editing my autumn colour sessions.  This little session was one from last year.  I cannot put into words how amazing this session was.  My little family were simply perfection.  Love and laughter, with the exact amount of mischief.  Little lady was an amazing little powerhouse of a little girl, exactly what the world needs, she made me laugh so hard.

This was her very first bubble that she managed to blow.
Little girl playing with the Autumn Leaves at Belfast family photo shoot


She was amazed, it was amazing to play and have fun with this family.  I just.adore.this.little.girl. !


But take a moment to look at the connections, because thats what family is always about.  The connections of love and joy that we bring out in each other.  Those are the moments I wait for.  Its these moments that hold our families together through pandemics and flattening curves.  Through silly arguments about who’s turn it is to empty the dishwasher.  These moments of joy and love are earned by being beside each other during all those messy moments of life.


Autumn family photoshoot in Belfast young family with Autumn Colours


Over and over again I tell my families I dont create these moments.  You do, its my job to help you relax and forget im there.  That is where the magic of outdoor family photography lies.  When you are surrounded by a beautiful forest that is alive with autumn colours.  Squirrels running along the path beside you.  Playing in the dried orange leaves.  Time and time again the magic of being outside allows me and you to relax.  Most importantly it distracts your little ones and allows them to just be themselves.

If there is ever a year to document, its this year and my Autumn Outdoor Family Photo Shoots are the perfect way to do that.

Autumn Colours are amazing but most importantly it’s 2 hours of you guys forgetting about the stresses of this year.  It will be a moment to find the joy with each other, that is after all, the glue to our lives together.

So husbands be proactive and book a session for your little family.  Its a gift your wife will cherish forever.

Right thats me finished my first little blog in months.  Huge sense of accomplishment because when I feel overwhelmed its difficult to focus.  But my families have brought me back, so thank you.  Im off to get my flu jab in a carpark now.  2020 who could have predicted it!!



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