Christmas Voucher

HO HO HO, in the words of the red & white beverage Holidays, are coming; Holidays are coming.  What a year 2022 has been; if the last few years have taught us anything. Indeed it has to be that being with the humans we adore is the secret to life.  So a Christmas Voucher for a family photo session is a brilliant way to make that happen.

If you, like me, are pondering how to give a sustainable gift this year, then ponder no more! Gift Vouchers for Christmas are the answer to your thoughts.  It doesn’t just have to be a beautiful photo session with me. Below are some fantastic gifts you can give this year that won’t involve clogging up the ever-bulging shelves and cupboards.  Have a look and then let me know what you think.


Mel Hudson Family Photography


The idea of clutter-free gifts is so appealing now that my little humans are stretching.  This year there will be a lot of experiences for us to do as a family together.  I did a post a few years ago on how we did Christmas with the kids CLICK HERE and have a read.  I cannot recommend this enough, it has transformed our Christmas.

Christmas Gift ideas


Now the Hudson babies are babies no more.  They are all in High School and we have a new tradition to follow – we go with the rule of 4 small gifts and then their experiences now take over as the main gift.

It has transformed our Christmas, and the stress and worry of shopping has been replaced with cheesy Christmas movies, and of course our favouritest Christmas tradition, Secret Santa!





So if you are interested in a Christmas Voucher for a Family Photoshoot with me, then CLICK HERE to get in touch, I promise it will be fun-filled with joy and laughter.

M xx



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