Engagement Photography – Belfast

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Engagement Photography – Belfast

Mel Hudson Family Photographer

So engagement photography… who knew! I genuinely didn’t know what I was missing until bam in the space of 2 weeks I was invited to be a part of 2 surprise engagements.

So. Much. Joy….

I just cant contain how hard I smiled watching this beautiful couple share a little moment that I got to freeze in time for them.

So P arranged for a photo shoot for their pups and B. was completely oblivious to the plan.  We arranged to meet at a local park and take a dander through a little wooded area on their way to pick up the pups.  We did a few little candid shots of the both of them and then I kinda held back as they dandered on.

Fully primed to click click click when the moment happened.  When it did I won’t lie I nearly forgot to take some pictures. I was so caught up in the love of that moment right there.  Ack it was just so beautiful and lovely and sweet.  I really hope the pictures let you feel what I felt in that moment.

Surprise engagement photography Northern Ireland

What a wonderful experience to be a part of someones very special moment.

Engagement photography is so much fun! Let’s plan something exciting together.  If you would like to surprise your partner and to informally , organically capture some beautiful pictures, then call me!! Right now!  I mean right this very minute !  I will capture your partners surprise and freeze a little moment in time for you to remember forever.  For your babies to see in the future and for you to look back and soak up the innocence of the start of a brand new journey together.

If you’ve gone to all that effort of planning & buying a ring.  Asking for permission & nervously waiting for that moment of betrothal. (Now theres a fancy word!)  Then you just need to, NO, have to think outside the box a little bit and arrange for me to be there.  I promise its going to be some photographs that you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

M x

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