Extended family photoshoot – Belfast

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Extended Family Photoshoot – Belfast

Mel Hudson Family Photography


An extended family photoshoot includes grandparents, aunties, uncles and all your lovely cousins. It takes a tribe to raise your babies and it’s so precious to have photos of that tribe.  I suppose im reflecting tonight as we are in the middle of another lockdown.  How we took the hugs & see ya tomorrows for granted.  Now its all about bubbles and space, and we do it to keep our loved ones safe.


extended photoshoot with cousins Northern Ireland Mel Hudson Family Photography


But extended family photoshoots are genuinely the most fun I think someone can have during an afternoon.  When families ask me is it ok if I bring along …. well I have to refrain myself from shouting down the phone YES YES YES. The more the merrier, and that really is true, there are no hidden charges for additional members of your family!

Capturing your little ones in a proud Nanny’s, Grandmother, or GaGa’s arms is a lovely moment.  Theres something very special with your parents & your children.  Your children are born straight up with a partner in crime.  I suppose its the knowledge that they are allowed to be super naughty and let them have the extra sweeties cause they know they dont have to try and get them to sleep tonight.  Partners in crime, just so lovely to see and precious to have.


Grandmother and her grandson at Crawfordsburn photoshoot Mel Hudson Family Photography

When you start to add in Grandparents, Aunties , Uncles and cousins well the dynamic of the afternoon becomes electric with love, secret jokes, teasing and your kids just love it.  There is something very special when you see everyone gathered around your brother as he entertains your little humans.  He stops being the annoying little brother from your childhood to the naughty mischievous Uncle that teases mummy & daddy.

Your kids love watching your relationship.


extended family photos Crawfordsburn Mel Hudson Family Photography


Then theres watching the baby of your family being super gentle and minding the baby of the whole family.  Taking their hand and running around after them.  There is a very delicate and precious love between cousins.  I know personally I would walk to the ends of the earth for my cousins.  I have so many wonderful childhood memories of making a fort under my nanny’s kitchen table with my cousin Samantha.  Or playing dukes of hazard with Robert & Debbie in my uncles car.  Holding one of my best friends in the world when he was a baby, well theres just an overwhelming amount of love there.


photoshoot with cousins Mel Hudson Family Photography Co Antrim


So if you are pondering whether you should invite the crazy’s along, then all I can say is YES , YES, YES. Do it, you won’t regret it.  The photos will reflect and afternoon of mischief and love.  They will be cherished forever!  Especially when its an afternoon in the future, lockdowns are a distant memory and we get to hold the ones we love super tight.

Ill finish with this fantastic picture, this Papa was so much fun.  His grandchildren adored him and he really was the centre of his entire family.  It was so very lovely to watch the love and fun he brought to the afternoon.  Everyone has a family member that they adore.  You have to make it a New Years resolution to capture some precious photographs of you together.  We captured this outdoor extended family photoshoot at Crawfordsburn Country Park.  Fresh air & autumn colours we all had a blast!


outdoor extended family photos Belfast


My extended family photoshoot is best suited to my Family Package, you will receive your full HR digital gallery along with a lovely coffee table album or a framed print of your choice from the afternoon.  I cant recommend these sessions enough! they are so much stinkin fun!  Give me a wee ring if you fancy a chat.  07703389313

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