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Family Photoshoot – no hidden charges

Mel Hudson Family Photographer Belfast


Hidden charges there really is nothing worse.  Can you image doing your weekly shopping in Tescos. Only to get to the till and be told its an extra £500 because the prices weren’t disclosed.  We would be raging.  However a lot of business choose to run their business practice like this.

There is no right or wrong way to run a photography business.  Every photographer will make a decision on how they wish to run their business.  For me I like my clients to know exactly what they are paying at the very beginning of their session.


family photoshoot NI


I dont have any hidden charges that will creep up after you have finished your session with me

My sessions are priced to include some or all of your high resolution digitals.  I don’t differentiate between Social Media Digitals & High Resolution Digitals.  You can use your images wherever you like without worrying about the quality.


Each of my family photoshoot sessions have a product within the package.  It could be a lovely framed print, or it could be a Coffee Table Album.  The quality of the framed prints is second to none.  I use a local framer & printer and their work is outstanding.


Being a small business owner myself its really important to support local.


family photoshoot no hidden charges Northern Ireland


So if you are looking for a family photoshoot with no hidden charges then I’m exactly what you are looking for.  When you first chat with me about a session, we will work out what suits you best.  I will let you know exactly how much this will cost, if you are purchasing a mini package then I’ll let you know how much it would cost to upgrade after you have seen your images.  This is purely optional, as I said I do like my clients to know the maximum they will be spending when they book with me.


As I said there are some photography businesses that operate by charging a booking fee, this will cover your session. It tends to be nice & low to encourage you into the studio or the session.  Then after you have had your session they will invite you back to view your images.  At this stage you are presented with these beautiful images of your family and given a price list.  The price list could be £150 for one picture.  You will find that your high resolution digitals will rarely be part of this package.


This is because it’s part of the business model that if you wish to have a duplicate print for grandparents then you are forced to come back to them.


I have found that the average purchase expected is going to be close to £600 – £1000 which is a huge jump from a £50 session fee.  Its hard to choose when you are presented with these gorgeous pictures of your family.  You want them all.  Years ago when Hudson boy 1 was born Mr B and I were lured into a session like that.  Partly because I was so exhausted, I was a first time mum.  Emotions where all over the place and we spent way more than I had wanted too.

So when I decided to come back to professional portrait photography after my babies had grown a bit.  I knew exactly what type of business I’d choose to run.  Emotional blackmail isn’t my jam.  I’m a Shoot & Burn photographer, and I LOVE IT!


family portrait photographer Belfast, at Lady Dixon Gardens during summer 2018

So if you are looking for a family photoshoot with no hidden charges then I’m the one for you, give me a ring or if you are interested in booking a session CLICK HERE and get in touch, i’d love to have a wee chat.

If you’d like to keep a wee eye on my socials my Facebook Page is kept unto date with any offers I may be running.


M xx


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