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Gather your tribe

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Gather your Tribe NI is a passion project of mine that has been growing over the years.  Have you ever noticed the people that you love & cherish can come from lots of different places.  They can be sisters, brothers, aunties, cousins, childhood friends, university friends, friends of friends.  Study after study has shown that human connections contribute to a joyful contented life.


North Coast Gather your Tribe NI


So knowing this, and knowing that these human connections are so very valuable.  Then surely we must celebrate them.  I have over 30,000 photos in my phone.  I’m always clicking something.  When I meet up with my friends ill do a quick selfie, or a artistic picture of the coffee we are having…. who doesn’t?  These friendships have been with me for over 30 years and all I have to show for it is selfies in my mobile.  Similarly I am from an incredibly close family with strong female role models.

I call us the Sisterhood

The photographs that I have of these women that raised & loved me are also quick snaps on my phone.  So that got me thinking because I am never without a camera of some sort.  Why don’t I have beautiful photographs capturing the connections with the most important people in my life other than my babies & husband?

Its very natural to organise a family photoshoot to capture your family.  We cherish the photographs of our babies as they grow and turn into walking talking humans.  However I have never been asked to capture photographs of a group of girls / women that value the love & connection they have with each other.


gather your tribe Childhood friends


So I have decided to change that… Gather your Tribe NI has been born.

It’s a passion project that will primarily document the connections and support of a group of people from every situation in life.  Now granted trying to grow and develop a project during a global pandemic when we aren’t allowed to be with these people that carry us through life is a challenge.


Gather your Tribe NI Mel Hudson Photography

But hey where theres a will theres a way!

So during the year, in compliance with the rules that will be in place i’m going to search for tribes.  You can be a support group that has been brought together by a situation or be group that have a lovely hobby together.  Friends for years, family members that have loved & supported your dreams.  Your tribe can be between 2 humans up to 10.

When I photograph my clients I only share their images if I have their permission.  This project will be different.  I want to celebrate the love & support we have for each other.  To do that I will need to share some of the images from our session.  Other than that there are no other rules.  If you have a tribe and are interested in joining my project then click on the link HERE and get in touch.

Please take the leap, I promise it will be a fun filled afternoon and you will be left with really beautiful photographs that you will treasure for a lifetime.

M x


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