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Am I the photographer for you?

if you are looking for studio photography… then you are looking in the wrong place! I specialise in Family Photography based in Belfast and beyond !!

The studio photography been there, done that… shivers involuntarily… If there was one thing I could tell families that were considering updating their family portraits, it would be GET OUTSIDE!  I cannot begin to tell you how much fun it can be when you leave the 4 walls of a studio.

So am I the photographer for you?  Lets have some fun and answer the quiz below to see!

Question 1

Posed or unposed? – I’m all about the natural.  Natural light, natural reactions and natural relaxed vibe.  We will go for a dander, check out the squirrels or wildflowers.  It very much is geared towards letting your hair down, letting the kids relax and then we take some family photos.  Think fun afternoon at the beach, local gardens with some lovely photos to remember the afternoon.

Question 2

Digitals included or digitals purchased separately? – All of my sessions include a choice of your High Resolution Digitals, with the option to upgrade to your full gallery for a small fee.  No hidden charges within my packages.  Whats the point of booking a family photographer if you dont get the photos?  My packages also include lovely framed prints so you don’t need to worry about finding a good framer.


Family Photography Belfast

Spring Summer family sessions Belfast


Question 3

Let kids just ‘be’ themselves or hope they ‘behave’ for a specific timeframe? – every photographer will tell you kids are kids.  Studio or Outdoors we dont expect your babies to be perfectly behaved.  They are in a strange environment, strange new person and they can feel that something is different today.  My outdoor sessions remove that pressure, because we have the gift of time.  The gift of distraction but most of all the gift of feeling the sun & breeze on our face.  Since lockdowns have began in UK how much have we appreciated being able to go outside.  It changes our mood being able to go for a walk.  So then why would you not what to take photos when your kiddos are at their most relaxed and happy?

Question 4

Natural v arranged? – What I mean with this question is what type style of session are you after?  Every family photographer has their own style.  This depends on the lenses they prefer to use, how they edit – dark, moody, super light, white studio etc. My style is based around connections.  I love finding connections of love, joy, mischievousness and comfort with my sessions.  So we will play games to relax.  There will be a little snug session to get all the cuddles & tickles out.  Natural joy is what I’m after because that is timeless to me.

Family photographer Belfast

Children's portrait photographer Belfast


Question 5

Wedding photographer or Family photographer? – This question for me is probably the most important one to ask. What do you specialise in?  The two genre’s are very different types of photography.  So why would you not choose the photographer that specialises in what you are after?  Family photography is not a ‘bolt on’ for my business, as it is for wedding photographers.  It’s my entire business.  Everything is build around family photography.  My camera, my lenses my learning & investment, it’s all tailored to specialise in families.

If you are going to invest your hard earned money, and you have made the decision to book a photographer for your family.  Then choose a family photographer that specialises in families.


Family Photographer Belfast


So am I the photographer for you?

In summary .. I specialise in family photography, based in Belfast however I do photograph families all over Northern Ireland.  My style is natural and we will shoot outdoors, I look for connections of joy & love between your family and my sessions have no hidden charges.  If this is exactly what you are looking for then waste no more time looking!! Give me a ring – 07703389313 . I cant wait to meet you guys!


M x

If you’d like to check out my style then have a look at my Spring / Summer gallery – CLICK HERE


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