Lifestyle Newborn Baby Photography – Belfast

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Lifestyle Newborn Baby Photography – Belfast

Mel Hudson Lifestyle Newborn Photographer


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Lifestyle newborn baby photography is very much a family focused session.  The props are your home and I love to encourage you to just be yourselves with your brand new little human.  I don’t use any props, there is no fuss and no posing, perfect.

Every photographer will develop their own style, something that they enjoy to create and are drawn to.  Lifestyle photography or documentary family photography is that for me.  Ive worked in a studio environment and its just not for me.  The feeling of claustrophobia, the heat, the lights, noises are amplified.

Everything, for me, seems to be intensified.  But lifestyle family photography, well thats my jam.

There is zero pressure to perform.  I will play games with your little ones.  If they want to climb a tree, we climb a tree.  We stop for snacks, we play games.  It’s a very gentle session.

Similarly my lifestyle newborn baby photography sessions are the same.  Very relaxed & organic.  When I arrive I will search for the rooms that have the most natural light and build your session around you & your happy home.  I just feel these types of photographs are so much more meaningful, because they represent the right now.  I will be capturing your home and style as it was the day you brought your baby home.

It feels super modern and timeless all at the same time to complete a lifestyle newborn baby photography session this way.

But I completely understand its not everyone’s choice, and isn’t that what makes photography so special.  It’s art, and some of the pieces of art that are captured in a studio are breathtaking.  What can be created within Photoshop is out of this world.  I have a photographer friend that takes very plain average pictures and turns them into something very magical in Photoshop.  The skill & time that is involved is off the charts, and the finished product is so pretty.  And while I can appreciate and love that style, I know it’s not for me.

Life is really messy and awkward.  We are all super grumpy and wonderfully funny and loving.  Personally my style of photography likes to capture that so, I look for connections.

Oh the connections, now thats where the real magic lies.


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Freezing that moment where everything is perfect and as it should be within a photograph.  I just love to do that, it’s incredibly addictive.  Now don’t get me wrong Im not talking about the cheesy smiles. Im talking about those quiet moments of peace, or the moments when mum is tickling you so hard you cant breathe.  These are the moments that sustain us through the hard times.  These are the moments we look back on in years to come and realise we were blissfully happy.  I want to give you reminders of how happy and joyful life was when you were together as a little family.

Evoking emotions from you when you see your gallery of connections, thats the goal at the end of the day.

Knowing at the end of the session I’ve captured your joyful moments, real smiles & fun loving moments fills my heart with joy.  It’s ultimately why I love lifestyle photography.  I suppose I’ve been taking photos far too long now to not be true to myself, so please do consider it.  If you are considering a session then do look at the newborn lifestyle sessions. Family focused and a reminder of the love and happiness that surrounds your home and child everyday.


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If you are interested in a lifestyle newborn baby photography session at home then please do get in touch, id love to have a little chat with you.

I also provide lovely Family Photoshoot Gift Vouchers, which lets be honest is the best present you could ever give someone

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