Maternity Photo Session at home Co Antrim

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Maternity Photo Session @home

with Mel Hudson Family Photographer

maternity photography at home

maternity photo session at home Co Antrim with Mel Hudson Family Photography



oh how I had thee best time at a recent maternity photo session @home.  I went to visit H, R & Little L and I had the best time with this little family.  We managed to squeeze in a last minute maternity photo session before the twins were born. YES you heard me right, the twins… eeek how exciting. So many little toes in one human!!



Maternity photo session at home, Co Antrim.

maternity session at home March 2020

When I arrived little L was peaking through the window of the front door.  Which I LOVED, it meant she was excited for me to come. And she was so excited, such a little sweetheart. She sang for me and danced for me, read me stories which filled me with so much joy.  And the wee pet could not and I repeat couldn’t wait to show me her brand new bedroom. Mummy & Daddy had done an amazing job at creating the most wonderful bedroom.  It was filled with books, a dolls house, her very own desk, toys and her chalk board wall for her most important musings.


maternity sessions at home Belfast, Northern Ireland


It really was so lovely be to trusted to join this little family.  Maternity photo sessions at home are so personal to each little family.  Im there to capture your little family right as it is, right now. Before the chaos of your new human or should I say in this case humans arrive.  I have to say H was so relaxed and calm. Totally taking everything in her stride.


Mel Hudson Newborn Baby Photographer Co Antrim


Normally when I arrive for a photo session at home with a family I have a quick look around to see which room has the best natural light.  From there we tend to move around, children often like to show me their toys. Once they’ve gotten used to me of course!  Living Rooms will always be a great place for family photos.  We relax here and its our cosy sanctuary after a crazy day.  Kitchens / sun rooms are also really interesting to capture your right nows.  I say this a lot but you forget so many things very quickly.  Having pictures of your home and what’s on the walls, or even paint colours is so important.

The photos are all really valuable at consolidating memories of your children’s childhood. 

The family lifestyle photo sessions are there to just capture you guys being yourselves.  Unposed and natural. Which is why I love these home lifestyle photo sessions so much.  This maternity photo session was no exception.  The wee family were filled with anticipation and joy at the thought of new babies arriving.  And so am I, I’m getting to meet them in a few weeks, which I can.not. wait for!

My newborn sessions I tend to shoot slight later around 3-4 weeks. This stage we are getting eyes opened and babies tend to have filled out a bit more, so cute.  Have a click here and look at a recent lifestyle new-born photo session at home I did.

If you are considering a maternity photo session @home then please do give me a ring 07703389313, I would love to have a chat and see if I can provide you with some precious moments of this time of your life.  I know 9 months feels like forever but compared to the rest, its a drop in the ocean. We should have as many photos as we can get to remind ourselves that we are growing a human being!!

M xx




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