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I’ve done a few photoshoots now that i haven’t shared on the Blog, not because they weren’t great, they were, they were so good!! but simply because the moment that i capture between you guys is a natural private moment.  i know other photographers ask for an image waiver to be signed so the photos belong them and can be used for publicity purposes, but that doesn’t sit well with me…thats why at the end of every photo shoot and after you’ve seen your finished pictures i ask, is it ok to share, if you tell me no, which a few have done, then not a drama i completely understand. social media is a beast if used for the wrong reasons and i understand if you wish to step away from it.

I am however grateful for those of you that have said yes, because without you guys then no-one would really get what i do and what images to expect when they email me or give me a call.  I’m very fortunate I’m in a position at the minute that the yes’s outweigh the no’s, so you guys out there in the big bad world can see my style and approach to photos.  if theres dirty finger nails, plasters on cuts and bruises on legs ill capture it all because life isn’t perfect, it imperfect and thats what makes it all the more beautiful.

So this little blog is to tell you it’s ok to say no, not a drama, but id be ever so grateful if you’d say yes xxx


  1. Anne Acheson

    Hi Mel, we love our photos and are happy for you to use them!

    • Mel Hudson

      thank you so very much Anne xxx


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