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How often should you arrange an outdoor family photoshoot?


I have families that book sessions every year and because they are outdoor sessions, they feel different every time.  I do get asked this question a lot, and my answer is normally along the lines of what do you want from your session.  If you are looking to document your young children growing & changing then we should think about a session every year.  However that may not be practical.  So ive listed below a few key moments you may wish to capture with an outdoor family photoshoot.


Surely it all has to start at the beginning. As a couple you will document your journey together with selfies, holiday photos, eventually an engagement session.  Wedding photography is a huge milestone that is popular & normal to document.  Then after that its crickets, but and its a big huge but, for me this is the most important part of the journey.  I love looking at photos ive taken of Mr B & I travelling.  We covered a lot of ground when we were young and carefree, visited a lot of countries and had lots of adventures.  I was a real shutterbug, this was back in the days before digital took over.  There are still rolls and rolls of film to be developed from 20 years ago but i’m leaving them for another day.

So when i say let’s start at the beginning im referring to when you decide you would like to have children in your life.  I absolutely understand this journey is so different for every person, but i do think having the opportunity to capture a growing human within your tummy is a must have.  So this is my first milestone.


Maternity photo shoot

capture your bump photography Co Antrim

My biggest regret was not capturing my bumps.  I cant really give a reason why I didn’t do it, I just didn’t. No selfies, i’m not a huge selfie taker anyway, it feels all very unnatural.  So  I’m a huge champion now, we can take your maternity session outside.  It will be very relaxed and natural and it will be all about the bump and your glow.  I promise you, you will never regret taking these pictures.

The next season would lead naturally into capturing the bump when it arrives!


Newborn photo shoot

family photoshoot no hidden charges Northern Ireland

Newborn photoshoot at home, Belfast

Birth photography is not very popular and I dont know why!  It’s such a special and unique time and if you are considering a home birth then i would certainly recommend you consider a birth photographer.  However what is more well known are the beautiful Newborn photography sessions.  You absolutely have to capture this brand new little human joining your family.  There are so many talented newborn photographers in Northern Ireland we are spoilt for choice.  So decide what you are looking for and book book book! Dont look back.

The next session I would suggest would be a 6-8 month baby session.


Baby Photoshoot

At home Family Photographer Mel Hudson Belfast


Your little ones change so much in the first year its breathtaking.  And these sessions they are full of fun and giggles, toes & wiggles.  Such a joyful experience to be a part of.  A majority of photographers offer First Year Baby Packages so do look into that because you may get yourself a little bargain!  CLICK HERE if you would like to have a look at my first year baby package, its such a great set of sessions.

This brings us right up to the first year around the sun with your little human.  The 1st birthday milestone!


Cake Smash Photoshoot



eek a little present from our friends from over the pond. Cake Smash sessions are becoming a really popular event, which is so stinking fun.  The mess & craziness from the afternoon is definitely something everyone should experience.  If you aren’t into making a mess a first birthday milestone photoshoot can be super sweet as well. Invite along family members to capture the celebrations and it becomes a really beautiful set of memories from your session.


The next set of milestones I would suggest would be from between age 2-3, just before a new sibling arrives for example might be nice.  Because once a new baby arrives your little one becomes all grown up all of a sudden.  You could incorporate this session with a maternity session for your new growing bump.  If you are sticking with one then I would definitely recommend age 2-3, just before they start nursery and take those first steps of emotional independence.


Toddler Photoshoot

Mel Hudson Family Photography Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Gardens Belfast, family portrait


You are also choosing the height of super cuteness!  Baby curls, toddling around, starting to speak & communicate.  Speaking their mind and doing the exact opposite of what you are asking of them…. brilliant!!!

The next milestone for you little human will be starting school so age 5-6.  This is a lovely age, because we can play games during our outdoor family photoshoot and they have such a loving cuddly nature at this stage.


Starting School Photoshoot

Family Photographer Mel Hudson Belfast, Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Gardens


The next big jump would be leaving Primary School.  Within a few weeks of starting high schools our little humans change dramatically.  The independence and freedom within them starts to shine and the little person has grown up just like that.


Leaving Primary School

Outdoor Family Photography Autumn Shoot Newtownabbey


Now we have teenagers on our hands and that is like starting parenting all over again.  So the question if you remember why back at the beginning of this blog was how often should we take our family photos.  You should without a doubt, even if you’ve missed all the milestones before not miss an opportunity to capture a moment with your teenagers.  They will be awkward and some may be reluctant, others may jump into the session with two feet!  But you will never regret capturing your little humans in all this messiness and love.



North Coast best family photos Co Antrim


Honestly i thought this little blog would be a lovely little list of a few sessions.  But the more i type the more I’m realising …. arrange a photoshoot for everything !!! Christenings, Birthdays, Grandparent sessions, cousins coming together, family reunions… it being a Sunday in May.

Just bite the bullet , and book your family session.

Ill take us outdoors to a lovely location, we will play games, relax and ill take some really lovely photos for you to remember your right nows.  In the immortal words of someone famous… just do it!


M xx

If you’d like more information on my outdoor family photoshoot s then CLICK HERE




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