Portrait Photography – Northern Ireland

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Portrait Photography – Northern Ireland

Mel Hudson Outdoor Family Photographer


portrait photography - Northern Ireland Mel Hudson


Family portrait photography is a mouthful.  It sounds so formal and stiff. It reminds me of the paintings hanging in Great Halls around the world.  Straight back, shoulders back, chin up and a hint of a smile.  Maybe im wrong, maybe portrait photography for you is similar to my vision.  Capturing your joy and the twinkle in your eye.

Now theres a perfect portrait, that twinkle.

Im not a fan of formal, it makes me feel uncomfortable and if im feeling that, then what must you be feeling.  This session was the furthest thing from uncomfortable.  S,G&A are the perfect little family.  So many giggles and fun.  We ran through the mud, we hunted for fairies & trolls.  It really was a beautiful day in Lady Dixon Gardens for this lifestyle portrait session.

The magic of outdoor photography comes from being surrounded by nature.  Theres a lot to be said to have fresh air and having nature as your backdrop.  Especially the Autumn colours this year.  They were phenomenal, the yellows & reds, so pretty.

outdoor family photographer Northern Ireland


We started out visiting the Fairy Tree, what fun listening for the fairies.  Your little humans are filled with so much wonder & joy at this age.  The thought of visiting the fairy tree fills them with so many questions.  Its fantastic, I love hearing their little thoughts.

One little human asked me have I been able to take a picture of a fairy yet?

She was so happy when I said no I hadn’t, because she then explained you cant take pictures of fairies, so now I know you are telling the truth.  Dodged that bullet!!  But this is the magic of being outdoors.  Looking for squirrels, rabbits, fairies you name it we’ve looked for it.  So much fun!

So if you are considering what to get that special someone for a Christmas Present, then why don’t you consider a photo session with me!

My Photo Session Gift Vouchers are so pretty and honestly giving someone the gift of right now…. best present ever!

If you are interested in finding out more about my Gift Vouchers CLICK HERE and send me a wee email.  We can have a natter about what would work and that will be you sorted for Christmas.


Photo Gift Vouchers BELFAST, Northern Ireland

my family portrait photography session include’s your full high resolution digital images & a beautiful framed 10×12 print


Its a wonderful session to update your family portraits, lets photography your little family now, before everything changes.


M xx


P.S.  I was contacted today to be told I was now an award winning photographer.  My official title is Best Family Photographer 2020 – Northern Ireland.  So there you go, I was nominated by a family I photographed and I won.  So I just want to say thank you and ill wear this little badge of honour with pride.


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