To print or not to print that is the question?

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We are living in a technology revolution and the access to clouds, online storage and flash drives has taken over the world. the habit of waiting for your holiday photographs to be returned to you from the chemist, my parents ALWAYS took the 7 day print option, it drove me crazy! is a thing of the past. who needs to print when you can email, share on social media and tweet all the pictures you think are cute.

now to be fair i am a shoot & burn photographer we spend a few fantastic hours together capturing your lovely family and ill give you the digitals to add to your online storage account, in the hope that you will print them up to display in your home. why, well quite simply because a number of professional photographers have inflated the cost of printing your images to eye watering levels. i get bills need to be paid, and yes the time it takes editing and perfecting your image needs to be taken into account, but seriously 1 digital image £75, but to get it printed / framed is £175. they are banking you on going with the tangible product because thats where the profit lies. i personally couldn’t look you in the eye and seriously expect you to buy what I’m selling.

however, that said i am a huge, ginormous fan of printing your images, thats why every time i send a collection off into the big cloud in the sky its sent with the hope that at least some of those memories will be printed. in years to come, id hate for you and the kids to remember the fun afternoon you spent with that lady with the camera, remember she made us play silly games and we climbed trees it was such fun (ego will obviously be delighted) BUT they are remembering the wrong part, they need to remember what i seen, the love and joy, mummy and daddy playing silly games with them, daddy under the tree ready to catch them if they fall and those memories will only be there if you print up your images. kids memories are like sponges and photographs will re-enforce all those happy moments you spent together and over time those images will be the only tangible thing they have left of mummy and daddy when they are raising their own families.

so i say PRINT, PRINT, PRINT like your life depended on it, allow those happy memories of holidays, ice cream Mondays, and movie nights at home with popcorn and fighting over the blanket be the backdrop to your home because times change so quickly, but the image will be there reminding you of those precious moments with each other.

below is an example of my Coffee Table book that i do for my family every year, we pick the photographs together and then i include snapshots of what the kids have said over the year along with their age. they are priceless and i adore them, hopefully this can become a tradition in your family too xxx


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