Why you should consider a family photoshoot at home

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Why you should consider a family photoshoot at home

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Happy New Year!!! its been a while since ive cracked open my Blog, the guilt is real. Ive had so many lovely wonderfully joyful sessions to share and time seemed to evaporate last year so quickly.  This little blog has been playing in my mind since I shot it last November.  Its a really peaceful, lovely family photoshoot at home with a family that I just adore.  I have photographed this little man when he arrived into the world last year and it was time to go back and visit him.

A family photoshoot at home lets me capture your right nows, as they are happening.

I just love it when families bring me back into their homes.  A family photoshoot at home lets me capture your right nows, as they are happening.  They may not seem to stand out to us as an amazing day, but these small little moments…. these are the moments that create the building blocks to our babies memories of home.  I laugh so hard when im looking back through my Mums photos of us at home, the brown flowery wall paper.  The avocado bathroom suite, that was a special kinda green !!!  But these photographs reinforce the memories of my childhood and my home.


6 month sitter session with Mel Hudson Family Photography

at home family photography package with Mel Hudson Family Photographer Belfast

I say to Mr B all the time!! The kids have the memory of a goldfish, thats why I love taking pictures of our everyday normals. So they have something to reinforce the feelings they have at home.  Its also so they remember how awesome Daddy was when he built a 6 foot rocket for Milos school project, or when I … ummm… well im sure Ive been awesome at some stage.

This is where the happiness of life lies

I offer families bespoke packages because, well you know, not one size fits everyone!  With this lovely little family we had the newborn family photoshoot at home, then ive come back for the 6 month sitter session and like a little graduation ceremony we finish the year off with the Cake Smash.  They make such good looking kids, its such a joy to go back each time.


family photoshoot at home, Mel Hudson photography

Bespoke Family Photography Packages with Mel Hudson Family Photography Northern Ireland

I have to say this photograph here, I just love.  Its a little snapshot, nothing fancy is going on. We are getting ready to head out, just as families do every day.  Trying to organise wellies, shoes, coats, snacks.  Everything going through our mind as we plan to leave the house for an hour.  Then theres just this little moment when we stop and breathe and take in the loveliness of this moment, right now.  This is where the happiness in life lies, these unseen moments.


So why should you consider a family photoshoot at home?


Well why should you consider a family shoot at home? Why? Oh for the love of cheese I have a million reasons why, you ready…. ok, now you have to read this really fast.

photographs reinforce memories. home is where the heart is. you are comfy & relaxed at home. all your babie’s treasures are under that roof. where you are at your most happiest will be where you are most relaxed. relaxed photos are da bomb!…. and breathe.. the small little moments added together to create that happy life we are striving towards. why on earth would you not what to have a photoshoot at home?

my house is too messy…. phfffttt and what, thats life. my house is too small…. phfftttt and what, thats life. my house needs painted…. phffftttt and what, thats life…

There is always a reason to not do things. So we have to leave that behind and grab our moments!

When we do book a family photoshoot at home I always do try and get us outside, even if its for a few minutes.  Outdoor photography will always be my passion and its lovely to see how everyone relaxes a bit more when the air hits them. I have taken pictures of you guys at your front doors, in the back garden, sitting on the grass, making daisy chains, playing football with the dog.  Im there to let you be yourselves, not to force the pose or make you uncomfortable.


little girl and baby brother during a family at home session with Mel Hudson Photography NI

family portrait photographer Northern Ireland

We will have the best afternoon and on top of that you will have lovely memories to frame and print … if only to prove to your kids when they are older and have long forgotten … look see we did fun things with you guys all the time!!. Look see you did get along!!

M xx


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