Family Photoshoot – Northern Ireland

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Family Photoshoot – Northern Ireland

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This is a beautiful family photoshoot in Northern Ireland that I captured during my Autumn Colours Sessions.  My clients had one of my lovely Gift Vouchers for a family photoshoot as a Christmas present.  And what a session we had.  We were given access to the stunning Clandeboye Estate, granted it took me 4 tries to find the entrance.  However when I arrived and I was buzzed through the gates.  What an autumn winter wonderland it was.


family photoshoot vouchers northern ireland


the colours were spectacular at this family photoshoot

There is nothing I love more than turning up at a photoshoot and my family is waiting for me.  I love meeting you guys for the first time and chatting.  Getting to know your little humans.  I normally take the first 20 minutes to chat, find some light I like and fiddle with my camera.  There are a number of reasons why I do this, but ultimately its because once you raise a camera in someones face it gets super awkward.  Everyone feels unnatural when a camera is on them.  So I like to chat and slowly introduce the camera into my sessions.  I have been asked many a time …

so are you sure you got enough pictures?

This is because I’m looking for the moments you forget im there.  For me thats the secret to my love of photography.  Watching kids be absorbed by mum & dads attention when they are playing silly games.  Or a secret smile, giggle when you think im not looking.

photographer Belfast

This one right here, I was capturing the kids climbing trees and happened to turn around and see mum & dad having a little moment.  I love this photograph so much.  Granted the leaves are too close to my lens, but for me its all part of magic.  For a moment I wasn’t there.  Its just you two connecting, argh I love it so much.

I could never be a war photographer, I would struggle to capture someones sadness.  Funeral photography is a growing trend and while I understand why someone might like it.  Its not for me.  I’m looking for the joy in life.  I often wonder about happiness.  Its sought after and wished for, but is it recognised when we are right bang in the middle of it.

Do we realise when we are happy?  Or do we recognise it when its gone?

Gosh I went deep there.  Anyway these are the thoughts I ponder upon when Im up late doing my edits.  I love to edit when everyone is asleep, not sure why.  So anyway ive digressed, as I always tend to do.  Let me pull you right back into this family photoshoot. So we are in Clandeboye Estate and exploring forests & trees & rivers & lakes.  It was simply spectacular. And my family for the day were freakin amazing.  No word of a lie they spent more time in a tree than they did on the ground.  They were tightroping across logs, climbing trees, playing hide & seek in the leaves.  It was a magical afternoon because we were outside.

Outdoor family photography has to simply be the best.  I cannot wax lyrical enough about it.  Rosey cheeks, fresh air are ingredients for a relaxed and chilled afternoon.  Whether we are at the North Coast playing in the waves or beautiful gardens smelling the wildflowers, or climbing trees in the forest.  Its a lovely way to spend an afternoon.  You really should try it!


Family Photoshoot NI


I love getting your little ones to smile and relax.  My son always asks me when I get home about my sessions.  Hes so interested in where we went and how the family went.  His number one question is “were the kids good” and you know I have yet to tell him no.  Ive never had a child so distressed they’ve cried or thrown a tantrum at an outdoor session.

Gosh ive lost count how many times its happened in a studio, but outdoors, never.

And its because it doesn’t feel like they have to perform, its just a lovely afternoon out with mum & dad.  So if you are pondering a family photoshoot, and you have happened upon this little blog.  Please let it inspire you to take the leap & book an outdoor family photoshoot.  Or purchase a lovely Photography Gift Voucher for a loved one instead of buying them something they already have.  An afternoon outside capturing your little family is just priceless.

I was doing some Christmas shopping with Mum this week.  We went to the big toy shop because my lovely mum is not ready to let go of her grand babies yet and wanted to just check there was nothing they would like.  The feeling of nostalgia hit me like a brick.  This is the first year that the 3 boys will not be getting toys.  They have asked for grown up presents this year.  Christmas this year will have a very different feel.

When we are living these moments do we realise these are our happy moments? Do we realise when we are happy?

I spent that evening watching videos from 10 years ago, when everyone was little.  Genuinely it felt like yesterday and my one thought was did I take enough photos of them.  Have I captured all their little expressions.  I know I have, a hard drive with over 100,000 photos lets me know they are in there somewhere.

But it just confirms to me that we have to capture our right nows, while we are in this moment, because these are our happy moments.


Outdoor professional family photos NI


One day they will be gone into the world and the photographs of our right nows will be the reminders of our happiness.

Your family photoshoot will include a choice of High Resolution Digitals from the session with no additional hidden extra charges

I always feel this is worth saying because when you have access to your digitals from your photoshoot you can share and print as many as you like for family & friends.  If you would like to have a chat about a Gift Voucher or a family photo shoot for yourself then please CLICK HERE and send me a wee email.

thank you for taking the time to listen to me ponder tonight.  Much love.

M x



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