Grandparents Photoshoot – Belfast

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Grandparents Photoshoot – Belfast

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Outdoor professional family photos NI grandparents and grandson

Well hold onto your breeches … because this grandparents photoshoot was beyond perfection.

Every time I get a ping in my inbox I just cant believe it.  Someone has chosen me because they can connect to my work.

I feel lucky every single day.

That I get to share these gentle, loving, fun moments with you & your families is amazing.  Then when we invite grandparents along to the photoshoot, well what fun!  This little family were just so lovely and kind.  Grandpa was mischievous and loving the moments with Master A.  Watching his grandson soak up everything about our afternoon.  Grandma had a very gorgeous twinkle and laugh, I’m smiling now even just thinking about the afternoon.

I love it when families invite along parents to be included.  A grandparent photoshoot genuinely is one you will treasure for a lifetime.  My mum always tells me its so different being a grandparent.  You get to spoil and love and cherish these brand new little humans, without the worry of raising them.  She loves being a ‘nanny’ so much.   And this little family was no exception, Master A was and is adored.  This cool little dude was fantastic to photograph.  He loved everything about being outside.  Watching the leaves falling and the dogs bouncing by on their afternoon walks, he would giggle with delight.


Childrens portrait Photographer Belfast

He is such a great baby, a photographers dream portrait session.

When that little thought pops into our heads about organising a family photo session.  We normally just think of immediate family, us and the kids.  We want to capture a snapshot of our right nows.  Everyone as they are because our babies change so quickly.  Its even a thought that

ooh ill get that printed for mum for Christmas she’s always asking for pictures of the kids

I can tell you now that it is something that grandparents would never do for themselves. They might take a photo of themselves together on a weekend away or a holiday. There might be a photo of everyone at the Christmas lunch table, the odd selfie when we call to visit.  But is there a lovely portrait of your parents, your Grandparents, that everyone can enjoy forever?

I have one and its from my wedding day.

I made sure I had a picture taken with my grandparents and I can tell you now its something I cherish so much.  But I don’t have pictures of my kids with my Grandpa and I really do miss that.  My Grandpa loved us calling so much, he would sing and dance with me and before he passed away he told me I had a daughter growing in my big huge pregnant belly.  He was right of course.

We have this expectation that tomorrow will always be there.  And 90% of the time it is.  But there will come a time when the moment we expected to be there forever will be gone, and in its place will be memories.

This is one of the reasons why I love to do what I do so much.  Its not because I want to capture perfect family pictures.  Im looking to capture the love and connections that surround our children as they are growing.  The connections they don’t see but feel every day.  I see those connections, and I love capturing them for you to have forever.

Gosh I got very sentimental there didn’t i…

So take the initiative like this fabulous little family did.  Give me a ring and lets organise a grandparents photoshoot with your babies, and with you. Remember you are their baby!  It’s just so important to capture that special relationship they have within the family.  My kids love my mum so much, she is their safe place. The number of times I’ve caught them having little chats on their phones with nanny just cause they wanted to hear her voice.

So get organising, if you are thinking of something for Christmas I can guarantee a Mini Family Session for the grandparents will be the perfect present for them and most importantly for your children as well.  They will love looking back at the pictures and seeing how loved and adored they were.


Northern Ireland Family Photographer

Give me a call and we can get a session organised +447703389313 , this session was carried out in Belfast,

before the Grandparents travelled back home to Scotland.

M x


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